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Time Alteration Caught On Cctv


To start off, I'd like to begin by saying that I live in the South West of Western Australia and have been living here for just over 8 years. My family and I have had quite a few interesting and very odd experiences in our lives but this one tops the lot. We had and still do have CCTV to back up what occurred and to prove we weren't going crazy. This experience occurred on the 5th May 2020; it was an awful day as we were experiencing one of the worst storms to ever hit the South West. As a result, two fences were blown down, but thankfully we didn't have a power outage and no-one was injured. The time would have been anywhere between 7:45pm and 8:00pm as an estimate, but the footage we have would be able to confirm the exact time.

I was in the living room with my Mum, Dad and my dog Jango. My parents were watching T.V and I was on my phone looking at cars for sale on the used market. There was a brief lull in the storm where my dad thought it would be a good decision to take the dog out so he could do his business before the storm intensified again.

My dad had only been outside for about 10-15 seconds before a massive front came through and the tiles on the roof began to rattle and the wind sounded like a jet aeroplane. I remember hearing my dad yelling, the second time he yelled was followed by a cracking sound that sounded like a tree, though it may have been the fence. It was after that sound followed by my dad yelling a third time that I decided to get up to see what was going on, thinking that something really bad had happened.

As I approached the sliding door to go outside, I looked down and my dog Jango was looking at me waiting to be let back inside. I opened the door, let the dog inside, but my dad was standing by the spa. He turned to me and told me to get some towels, so I popped my head back inside and my mum was asking what he wanted. I answered back saying that he wanted some towels to which she responded by grabbing two towels and yelling at me to go outside because she was confused, concerned and wasn't sure what was going on. Thinking it was serious I went back outside and when I got to the spa where my dad was standing, he told me that when the dog got back down the stairs, he'd be soaking wet. My response was that the dog was inside to which he just looked at me blankly and shocked and said I saw him run up those stairs and he never came back down. I told him that he was standing outside the sliding door and that I let him inside.

My dad was confused and frustrated because he was adamant the dog never came down those stairs. My initial thoughts were that the storm was so powerful that he just didn't see the dog because he was sheltering himself or something. My dad also pointed out to me that he never walked past the spa at any stage because when the front hit it forced him to stand at the spa because of its intensity.

We got back inside and were trying to wrap our heads around it so we told our dad to look back at the CCTV footage that has a direct line of sight to where he and our dog were. When we reviewed the footage at the exact moment, it shows a completely different series of events. For one, the footage shows my dog running up the stairs as he did, but it also shows my dad walking past the spa, which I can categorically say is not true. As I mentioned before, when I heard him yelling and opened the sliding door and poked my head outside, he was standing at the spa. The footage literally shows him walking past it, watching my dog, then as Jango runs down the stairs, my dad turns and goes to walk back around the corner where the sliding door is (the sliding door is out of view of the camera). This never ever happened at any stage, the footage from where my dad goes outside to then "supposedly" walking back inside is about 25 seconds. In that time, I heard him yelling, which was never captured on CCTV. It was showing us that what we recalled and what we know happened didn't occur according to the footage. This left us absolutely puzzled and completely at a loss, as we had no idea how this could have happened.

What struck me the most was it shows my dad going around the corner, then this weird energy of sorts seems to appear in front of the outside light, which couldn't be a result of the rain as the camera was facing away from where the storm hit. The picture quality is clear and not blurry, so it's as though time itself was being altered/rearranged. We as a family think this way because the CCTV footage is showing something completely different to what actually happened. Now the freakiest part of all for me personally is that after this weird energy disappears, my dad and I walk out together, which never happened. He was standing at the spa and I came out with the towels, yet CCTV is showing us walk out together and have that discussion about the dog and where he was. It shows my dad pointing to where he told me he saw the dog and then it shows me pointing back in the direction of the sliding door telling him that he was inside.

Somehow, they have manipulated and or removed what happened and replaced it with something else, with the only part that's real being us having the discussion outside before walking back inside. For me, I was completely baffled and I believed that whatever happened to my dad really did happen. Seeing him walk past the spa was weird, then seeing us walk out together when it didn't happen just confused the heck out of me.

There is another story that ties these events together which I would like to share in the future, but for now I would just like for people to offer their opinions, explanations and if possible, relatable stories of their own. If anyone has had something like this where you remember a particular series of events, but you have footage showing something completely different, please feel free to assist me in understanding what it means.


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