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I am so glad and thankful for the opportunity to connect with people who understand me.

I remember being conceived, have memories from the womb, and remember being born. My mom confirmed my memories when I was an adult, and some details only recently, since she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was ready to fill in many personal details.

When I was a child I had all kinds of experiences that were unique. I learned how to pronounce difficult words by listening to the adults in my family, then going around the house in a circular direction until I came to the stairs to the upper level of my grandparents' house where I was raised and practicing the words with the "Woman on the Stairs." Years later I saw pictures and realized it was my great grandmother, who had died in the house. I saw things others couldn't, like grass apporting from the ceiling and then disappearing on the floor. I had a little rubber ball with a very distinct pattern that would simply disappear when I was bouncing it only to reappear later. Years later, when I met my best friend, he started talking about a ball he had that used to disappear and reappear the same way. After comparing the ball's pattern, we realized it was the same one. I had many experiences of getting up from bed and seeing myself still lying there, and loved the experience of the anti-gravity bounce I could achieve. While in this state, I often talked to what some would call "tall grey aliens," but always felt there was an interdimensional element to these experiences, rather than being a strictly extraterrestrial phenomenon. We lived next to a stream that cut through a Missipian-Era fossil bed and I could see the shallow sea and its creatures swimming around me.

I was so mercilessly teased and bullied at school that some of these abilities left me. Many years into my adulthood I was diagnosed as Autistic, but looking across the span of my life I really think that I am simply a Highly Permeable Being who is super-sensitive. I feel like most people on the spectrum fit this description. Anyway, my oddness made me a huge target, as I'm sure many here can relate to.

As I grew older I had fewer experiences, but the ones I had were significant. I got off the bus way before my stop because I was so strongly compelled to I thought I would faint if I ignored it. As soon as I walked by the first dark alley a woman was being abducted by a huge man. I ran toward them and was ready to attack him when he pushed her away and sped off in his car. Later it was revealed he was a serial killer, and in a really weird twist, he killed a friend of mine who lived in the same apartments as I. Another time, I was in a traffic accident and as I went in and out of my body I travelled to my mother, 500 miles away, to tell her what happened. One seriously precognitive dream I had was about a low, wood building in which many hundreds of golden statues were lined up on tiers. I was one of the statues. A door at the bottom opened and people walked by us all, looking at us. About 10 years ago I went to Kyoto, Japan, where I visited Sanjusangendo -- the Temple of 1,001 Buddhas, and it was the place in my dream. I could point to the statue I had been. I saw so many close and profound lights in the sky I found it hard to believe it wasn't something everyone saw. I knew a man named John had lived in one of the apartments I rented and knew he had killed several people. My landlord looked it up and saw that a really nasty man named John had lived in my apartment. I had a lot of other experiences with precognitive dreams, seeing spirits, etc. I felt friends moved through my body when they passed on.

Significantly, a lot of my healing and readjustment happened when, after leaving school around 15 because of the bullying and then being homeless, I met a group of gorillas in the zoo in Seattle and over 13 years came to know them deeply -- better than the humans in my life. I certainly understood them better. They helped me so much that I went back to school, eventually got a PhD in anthropology, and became a writer. I have always had an overwhelming affinity with animals and the earth, and nature and sensitivity inform all my writing.

In fact, I have often been in situations where I happened to be there when animals who were sick, or hit by cars, etc were passing on and I helped them do that. It has seemed a large part of my purpose, and over the recent years I have extended that gift to humans also. I recently started learning Reiki --at first just as an adjunct skill to my martial arts practice (which is my other passion) and that blew the doors wide open for me again. Now, almost every night, I find myself travelling over time and space to help people and other living things transition.

Generally, I feel a lot of joy, and I feel blessed to experience this level of consciousness. One area I really struggle in though is that I feel the distress and destruction of the earth and feel the torture animals are going through in factory farms. This isn't something I can "cut off" or shield from. It's just a fact, and the thing that keeps me sane is feeling that I am helping energetically somehow.

I would love to hear from other people sensitive in these ways and know how they cope. Feel free to contact me at if you have anything to share.

Thank you for reading. I hope this site helps others as much as it has helped me already.

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DawnofTime (2 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-17)
Thank you AnneV. I know we can all only do so much. I would add to your list that we could stop supporting factory farming as well as recycling and volunteering, since it is the number one contributor to pollution and suffering. I think more people are moving that way.

I am a Buddhist monk, so I don't watch the news... The only time I occasionally do research in that area is when I have a vision that is such that I may be able to help someone, and then I limit my exposure.

And it isn't that I don't feel joy. I'm not clinically depressed. I meditate regularly, do martial arts, go to my Sangha, and have good times with friends. I have many keen interests that are exciting to me. Over many years of practice and discipline, I live a pretty balanced life. It's just that the images come strong and unbidden -- like any powerful psychic experience -- and it mentally, physically and emotionally wears me down sometimes. At certain times I feel I have reached my limit. I brought it up here because I felt like many people could probably relate, and I'm interested to know what they themselves do to navigate.

If I am part of the problem, I would genuinely be very upset about that, as I certainly don't want to be the last thing the earth needs. I will reflect on what you said, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my piece and respond. Thank you for what you do.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-09-15)
I wrote an article on this site about being an empath because it is indeed very difficult. Sometimes "coping" starts by shutting things like the news off. Since our empathy results in near physical pain, it serves us not to get caught up in the trappings of news that is horrid on purpose-- meant to shock and sell.

We KNOW the world is going to hell. We KNOW extremely bad things are happening to animals and nature. Outside of donating our time, voting for the right people, and recycling, there is little we can do. However, one other thing we can do is be a positive energy point. Each one of us does matter. We don't need more unhappy people adding to the crushing weight of bad energy on earth. Celebrate what is left that is beautiful. Let's be grateful for the places, people and wild life that is good and pure. What we think and feel truly does emanate outward and cause small ripples of change and goodness.
Thanks for sharing your lovely spirit.

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