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Losing Touch With A Spiritual Sense


To preface information, I've had a spiritual sense since I was younger. I'm unsure of the common name but it is essential Energy Seeing, from what I've gathered it's a less detailed form of aura seeing, I see thin colourless outlines around people that vary in depth by person, I occasionally see it around objects, plants and animals however this isn't common. My earliest memory of it was when I was 7 I noticed it around a teacher of mine and started noticing it more and more in my day to day life.

So as the title says I began losing touch with this form of sight progressively following and incident in 2021, where after a stressful day I began to meditate, I never usually meditated I just felt like it could help me relax. As I was meditating I completely lost track of time and then I heard the voice of an old man full of vitality, if that makes sense, trying to convince me to hand over my body. I had denied his request but then felt a sharp pull in my chest as It felt like what I can only describe as something trying to push me out of my own body. I had resisted this sensation and stopped meditating feeling extremely drained/fatigued.

Since then I've progressively lost my ability to see this energy around people, I noticed it because the person I knew at the time to have the thickest and most dense energy I could see was a lot less noticeable, and around some people I just couldn't see it. Now this was getting progressively worse until around February this year where I could still see it around very few people and even fewer objects, plants and animals. Since then I haven't experienced any change in the sight however I would like to return to that state pre-encounter if possible. I'd also like to know if anyone has an idea on what that entity could have been.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

- Vacuata

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ufw57 (32 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-02-10)
Even me I have the same issue... Loosing touch with my spiritual/psychic sense or senses.

What I mean is totaly different from what some of us read or share on this site.

It's like the place we had as children is gone! Like something big or a tresure that's only being given to 'Adults' is waiting for us.

There is a lot of noise-pollution, anxiety (getting scared over everything).

It's like the Dark Place in our minds has gone forever. I don't know, but all I see this days when finding it difficult to sleep or a heavy head ache fuller pain and grief hit me is Shadow People...😂I know right.

After all this years🤣I can't even sleep meehn! And the common ones [Voices], speak very badly this days😆. Don't believe me? Try mimicking the lips. Hahaha, I can't drink tea.

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