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Spiritual Hug


My partner and I have separated for a time apart for personal growth I believe as we have not communicated & this is all his doing,

We've not spoken in over a week, and no contact - I believe I know where he is but cannot be certain. My thoughts and feelings on the relationship are hazy based all on spirit and Tarot and feelings alone.

I miss him very much, and long to be in his arms again - this morning just before I awoke I saw him come into my room (not physically - spiritually) I was crying because I said to him "You're back "!

He smiled at me as he climbed onto my bed and gave me a full body hug -, it felt so real and so beautiful, like we'd never been apart - I was fixed in the one spot but as I tried to turn around, (I was talking to him saying - babe let me go let me turn around so I can face you and hug you) to face him I woke up! His embrace honestly felt like he was really their - I've been dreaming of us connecting the last 2 nights prior - But I yearn for him physical arms, and this morning I felt him. More than just a dream.

I know it sounds like a dream, but I was 100% feeling him as if he was physically laying right beside me and the love pouring out of his embrace was very real and pure.

Does this mean he's feeling very much the same way as I?, or is this just an Angel's embrace interpretation of my partner /ex... Newly... I don't know what to call it. On paper we are.

I wish and pray for our relationship to be renewed again but this experience, was the most spiritually amazing connection I've ever had with him. In the years we were together.

I'd been yearning for a hug to just feel his arms around me again.

I think he's seeking solitude to work on himself, and still has very deep feelings for us and for our relationship, But I can't help but think it's just my wishful thinking, I'm so unsure. Theirs so much more to our situation I cannot put here I just want to understand if this was a real spiritual, connection from him/ a true connection from his own feelings.

Please help me understand this,


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AniokNitya (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-01)
I have seen situations such as this before, to be honest your want and yearning for him could manifest in this way. It could spring you into Lucid dreams rite before you awake which could explain him being there and everything feeling real. I would be careful to not engage with any actual spiritual presences that may seem to be him as there are parasitic beings that do foster emotional and energy connections that could leave you feeling drained and ill after a period of time.

I suggest you call him or find out from him what's going on and what he wants for your relationship, to put a person on pause while you figure your life out is a rude thing to do and I do hope things work out for you.

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