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Was This Spiritual Awakening?


My story started about 2 years ago. I was going through a rough patch and I was living in a run down old unit, with what seemed to be some dangerous people around. I've struggled with depression most of my life, and was on antidepressants andi was also struggling with various addictions. No matter how hard I tried nothing seemed to work, so I asked God to intervene with anything to help me. I felt isolated and alone So the first thing I noticed was a lot of spiritual activity going on around my house, lights flickering the cupboard doors opening and closing and things moving around on there own. If I invited someone over items would shift on there own. I had a clear and vivid dream, (one of many) of two large angels in what seemed to be in A run down house, sounds strange but they were dressed in paramedic suits. There were 2 dead bodies on the ground and the angels were. Taking them to heaven. One angel turned around and said "you drink too much" (at the time I was drinking wine to help me sleep) ,I have not touched a drink since

I then started feeling tingling on my crown chakra every night and knew I had to change my life. I also had a many psychic dreams of world events and also of friends and their problems going on. Eventually I got help and moved out of the unit into a better accomodation, and completed a 6 month treatment program for group therapy and addiction help. Since then my life has somewhat improved. I wanted to know of anyone else has experienced angel dreams, was it god's intervention? Thanks for reading

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