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Vision Of Future Baby - Interpretation


Last night I was settling down to meditate but before the meditation started I had a very clear vision of a baby. When I see visions I can often tell them apart from daydreams by the way they come to me rather than me seeking or controlling the situation. It was very random and very vivid.

It started just with her little hand and legs kicking about in a pink baby growin her cradle. I had a very specific name -Eliza- a name I've never even considered for a baby before. I kept hearing the name over and over. Which I later read up the meaning of the name "God is Satisfaction."

I asked if I could see the baby's face and honestly she was perfect, she had features of my current boyfriend of 2 years who I consider to be my soul mate.

Naturally, the vision delighted me. I am not pregnant currently or in the position for a baby right now but it is a deep desire of mine for the future. I have felt for a few year that although I am still only 25 my life feels very much on hold in terms of settling down and starting a family due to having family issues of my own and being under the direct control of my religious (christian) mum which has made my relationship incredibly challenging.

I would just like some interpretation or understanding. Have I just been revealed my future baby? Is this a sign of something else?

My concern is that from my own understanding people often have these promising visions after loss or trouble conceiving... Is this a sign that I might have trouble? I have had a very early miscarriage over a year ago which although broke my heart, was a blessing given the circumstances at home.

I would appreciate any insight people may have. Thank you.

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