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Seeing The Future, Shadows, And Visions? Electrokinesis?


I have had some very recent phsycic experiences. To start, read my bio for a bit of knowledge of what my phsycic powers are.

Here it is:

I have some phsycic abilities I want to understand and harness. First of all my main skill is being able to see the future. Not in a crazy way though- For example I can predict in my head if I will get in trouble for arguing with a sibling or something. I am also an Empath that can read people's emotions and occasionally read minds (not super crazy either- just the gist of what is going through their head.) ane sometimes feel their emotions deep down. A few times I have even started shaking and becoming scared when people experience strong sadness or anger. I'm not sure about this last one but I like to code and for me, the coding projects that everyone can code perfectly also work perfectly for me, but they just don't work even when they perfectly match the correct code with no errors. I think this is probably Electrokenisis. As well as this I see shadows, hear voices, and sense things behind me or near me but when I look- there is nothing there.

That was my bio.

The first phsycic experiences I was having was when I was little, seven or eight. One night I was trying to sleep and this blonde girl- probably ten or so, kept coming up in my head along with pictures of a grill/cookout. After that I would hear the same voices in my head. This would happen basically every night except a few nights for about a year. I haven't heard it since. The blonde girl and a man. Sometimes other voices and a few times a baby crying. I don't remember what they were saying.

I never thought of that as phsycic until a year ago or so when I learned about phsycic powers.

About the coding problem, even the teachers there were saying 'there is nothing wrong with it' or 'why is it not working?' They would spend weeks trying to figure out and they even sent it to proffesionals one time who still did not find the problem.

I can also sometimes predict what is going to happen in a book or show, and can almost always predict who is going to d!e in books or shows.

And I can usually sense this presence around me. It sometimes gets stronger like the other day when I walked into a room the pressure got stronger and felt like it was pulling down on me. It got harder to breathe.

Some of my dreams come true as well.

And earlier today I had a vision. I am starting middle school in two days and the vision was me walking down a hallway all alone (even though I have plenty of friends) and there were a few other girls walking with a group of friends. I looked sad and alone. I was walking to basically a STEM class by the way. Can anyone decode this vision?

Please help, Sage:)

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joshuakien57 (1 posts)
2 years ago (2022-09-13)
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ufw57 (35 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-21)
You have strong Intuition.

Let me explain: "Intuition is that feeling in your gut when you instinctively know that something you are doing will be right or wrong in someone's els perspective/view."

That's why you don't know how you feel that way, it's sometimes just a hunch & boom! Everything you saw came true.

Why don't you know how you feel that way you might ask... Because it's only in those moments when you sense Kindness, Love, Rage or Fear in another's face and then your brain puts it all together like a pro without eny doubt or Fear what's so ever.

To describe a Psychic who uses Intuition at it's peaks: "An Alien & A Human God put together". Like what they do in Marvel or Paramount Studios. Haha lol funny🗿🧗
RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-18)
[at] Sage120
I miss typed the [at] message above. Also, I'm not selling anything, just a satisfied customer.
RHM (2 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-17)
[at] Sage,
Good Day,
For help and control I can recommend "The Silva Method" of "Mind Control" These are a series of mental exercises, learning, and meditation. The only down side is that the classes are expensive. Learning via DVD and CD audio at home are much less expensive. I am mildly psychic and have found good value in the lessons. There are some books available from used book sellers which will be helpful. There still some free meditations on the WWW, just search by name. HTH

Better and Better,

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