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Telekinesis Or Shadow Magic?


I know that the tile might seem weird, but I'll explain.

I am an amateur magician (a newbie one at that, so I am still figuring out the tricks and how to do them right), and one of my pet peeves is that most (if not all) magicians seem to rely a lot on actors, camera angles and "high-tech" (and expensive) gadgets and such in order to do their tricks. I always thought "why not try real magic disguised as fake magic?" and would try to research about supernatural or psychic powers and how they could be real, yada yada and one day...

After watching a video of Patrick Kun (a magician you can search on youtube) doing what he dubbed "shadow magic", where he apparently used his shadow to move a stack of cards laid down on the ground, I became interested in trying the same. Of course I do not know what he used to do his trick but I thought "this would be a good chance to try it my way" and used his video as a guide to how I should position the cards and such.

Here's the thing:

When I did it I positioned my hand's shadow just like his (above the stack) and through sensory visualization and some other things I tried to feel as if I could feel the cards through my shadow and made a flick with my wrist... Well what you know, the cards moved as if I had done it with my hand.

And here is where my doubt lies:

Was that me doing telekinesis (because it is something I have been "training for" for a while) or did I do some kind of "shadow magic" (i.e. My shadow became the proxy of my physical hand, or it got enough energy/mass to affect the cards)?

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