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Seeing My Future Before Me!


I had been on a journey travelling between the USA and Mexico. Already before embarking on this journey it seemed like I was in the beginning stages of what one may call an 'awakening'. I had experienced the greatest love of all and since then I kept receiving 'downloads' and information from what I'd call source. I was in an observer state, without emotion or ego- just enjoying the moment consumed in complete love. I could feel and understand completely what everyone was going through but didn't take on their emotions. Eventually when we got to the USA, my vivid prophetic dreams returned and as we continued to do breathing exercises these seemed to heighten my experiences. I could think of someone and feel what they were thinking/feeling/ their traumas- understand why they were the way they were. I saw what someone thought of me and what they said about me to others. After one particular breathing session (wim hof) I received a vision as clear as a day of my soul mate and our child! I could see my future and what it was like. It was amazing, incredible and wonderful but for some reason scared me! And since then I have been terrified to just live my life, I keep self-sabotaging, feeling anxious, acting with force, trying to make things happen driven through my ego, feeling heavy on my chest/heart, not being able to just trust & let go, acting like I don't care, falling into pits of demotivation and generally just having a terrible time emotionally. And I don't know what I'm so scared! I did meditate on it and understood what I needed to let go and embrace but I really do not understand why I'm being so resistant to such a beautiful life ahead! Now and again depending on certain moods I can still access this extraordinarily heightened spiritual state! Receiving information about others, feeling what they feel, receiving guidance and messages, thinking of things and then they come to pass. I've even had a recent weird/scary experience of someone trying to prey on me because of this! This is very much not like me- I'm the kind of person who bites the bullet and just goes for it but maybe due to major past changes which felt so out of my control perhaps I'm fighting this one even if it is a good one because it is out of my control too?!

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ufw57 (36 posts)
8 months ago (2023-09-30)
I have a friend with the same problem..."Seeing the futuer & being scared of it" or "Seeing the future and not believing the brain & what just happened to reality".


Before I explain more, I really liked your story... Keep it up & don't forget to journal. It increases one's memory about how paranormal & spiritual world's are like... You can even draw what you see. It's even better than Automatic Writing. Automatic Writing to me is a Devils work shop.


My friend is called Emily & is studing A-Levels (Full Time), Philosophy & Ethnicity (Part Time).

She used to tell me sometimes she would wake up in Planet Mars or Saturn. (Don't worry I ask follow-up Questions)...and everytime she revisit the same location, everything seems to move on their own, like it was a program or something, this continued happening until her dreams started to become real! She would tell me things that only I knew, like the shirt of the last person I talk to or what I ate. I aked her how she did this, she said every morning she gets Premonitions about the futuer... (I'm not finished)...she even gets the time & location correct by the use of Numerology & her birth chart.

Even me in the past I used to see things before they happen, I had to do a lot of reading & research like "What is a Modana" or "How the 7th Root race will look like". It was just the other day when I was practicing Astra Projection (it's a rune for me lol) when I saw something shocking when returning to my phisical body.

...I was on 1st person point of view flying down to earth (from the other side of the horizion) with my bear feet 1st when the earth started shaking! The ground & clouds turned from mist-blue and white to a dark black shiny metalic/coal like structure.

Everything stopped. Time, Space, Earth's atmosphere, Me, My altered states, The Flying!

It was very scary, it's like we are living on an highly advanced alien rock all this time. how they say the moon is an advanced alien machine... Even Earth is like that!. An Alien Computer with resources!

I saw dragons, gorilas, mermaids, things that eat humans, fish, advanced sacred gates... Super advanced sacred mountains with entrance that have faces, valleys, things that once existed on Earth, Living people from the past but were scary etc.

All in all what I saw was places with wealth & looked like no human has ever seen or went inside. And the more I keept looking the more it got weird. I started to see a figure of myself potraid on the ground, behind me an army with horses, I was like a King from Egypt or Mesopotamia or The Annunaki. I wanted to wake up when I realized this were people I will meet it the future (a gut instinct), weather on this plane or a dream, they were soo connected to me...

Not just men, but girls too... Like I saw a field with millions of girls standing togather with the same clothes... Like they were waiting for me! Or walk with me without me seeing them!

I have a lot to talk about but that will do it for today. Hope this helped.

Love always๐Ÿ’•

May our Force and Runes be with us all.


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