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Spider Attacking Girl, And New Found Visions In Eyelids


I recently noticed that I have moving pictures in my closed eyelids. I didn't know that was a thing. So, at times when I close my eyes and look at the blackness, pictures form and move. Does that happen to others? Where is that coming from?

Yesterday when I was relaxing, I had another one of these eyelid movies. I saw a very clear young girl, long straight hair, tipped up nose, dress, and drawn in anime style but with more detail, and a spider or maybe fuzzy bug having a fight.

The young girl looked perfect and sort of like Alice in Wonderland. This vision did not have much color but a black backdrop with light as the drawn lines. However, the girl had pastel colors, faint, because she and the bug were like light on black, like a photo negative. She was playing, twirling in circles, her light brown hair moving about like she was without gravity or maybe in water (she was not wet though). She was very beautiful in a sweet way. I lay still watching her and admiring her beauty and hair. Then, a bug came into the vision from above her head, and it was like a fuzzy spider at first, large, about half her size. It almost immediately began attacking her, gathering her up in its legs. As it was struggling to contain the girl, it morphed several times and seemed to turn more into a bee but did not have a stinger. It made a hole in the black backdrop and was pushing her into it, and she was still twirling around as she struggled to get free, and kept flailing her arms about her head trying to push the bug/spider off. Actually, both of them were just a flurry of activity, too difficult to really follow as they moved and flailed about so quickly. The bug won as it was able to push her into the hole and completely contain the girl as she disappeared into the hole leaving only the bee/spider there. The vision was VERY clear too.

Please be kind in your response, and please be aware that I am so new to all this psychic stuff. Spending the last 4 decades deep into the Bible-only mindset, I believed all psychic stuff to be of the Devil, LOL. Okay, so a lot of it is, but a lot isn't too. What the heck was I watching? Who was the girl and what was the spider doing to her and why?

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ufw57 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-21)
Haha Satanic, you are right. But the vision you just had wasn't satanic it was the tarantella or as most of us here call it "The Tarantula Dance" it happens to most psychic along the awakening process because we all love music and dancing but is very rare.

The spider was a tarantula but did not turn into a bee as you stated, it was the tarantula hawk which have a dark blue iridescent bodies, bright orange wings and long legs.

In your vision The spider also is seen as symbol of protection meaning the spider was a shield protecting you.

And biblically although the spider is compared with weakness in the book of Job it's also compared to evil in Isaiah.

Now the satanic part... That spider was a nightmare spider which appear to be decorative ornament with faces of a children's dolls. So that girl you saw wasn't real in that vision* of yours especially if her face appears to be fairly chubby.

In my reading I got a word "Ceres symbol". So don't be scared this was harmful as they come, a vision can't hurt you only your perspective can. Keep safe, keep on growing and welcome to the community were everyone is a professional including you.
2 years ago (2022-05-13)
It Was Probably A Demon Trying To Take Her To It's Nest To Feed On Her. You Were Experiencing Hypnagogia.

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