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Spider Web Sensations


My story begins with me being a very sensitive person. I do believe in the spirit world then again there's a part of me I don't. Long story short, I have a lot of experience in this department. I have been opening up spiritual and have been feeling a lot of spider web sensation. Whenever I feel these sensations I either feel depressed, sad, sick where I would feel uncomfortable feeling to the point of sleep deprivation. Sleep patterns will turn when it's a very strong presence. When I leave my house I would feel not so much of these negative emotions.

I did have a dream About dead people meeting me as I opened me bedroom room but they seemed to look like a vegetable and having no emotions and just staring into space. Hence why I hate having my door open, feels as if people are watching me if I have it open.

I just want to know that I am not crazy. It's different and very difficult to figure out what, who you are and what you see, feel, hear, is what you really are emotionally sensing. I have seen spirits here and there: black figure in a bedroom to white apparition that is around some people that are spiritual. When I'm very emotional to the point where its beyond recognition of uncontrollable crying or anger. It is as if a veil has been lifted and I will start to literally see things that aren't not. There or things will happen once I speak when angered. I do not know why this happens. Like I've said, it's difficult.

Tell me your thoughts of this... That would be great and much appreciated!

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