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Have you ever been so infatuated with someone that you have never met? Whether the answer is yes or no, you can probably sympathize or empathize with what I am about to say. I have. Shocker, I know, but I have been in love with someone I have only met through dreams since I was sixteen. I am twenty-two now, and the dreams have come to a crashing halt since the pandemic. I haven't made out even his shadow lingering in my dream.

The point of my writing and musings on a psychic website is because the dreams before the pandemic, the last dreams were borderline premonitions that I have never told anyone until now. I was in a hospital, which is rare since my mother has cursed off all doctors in my life since I was little. But there I sat in a hospital bed with a hospital gown on and a mask. The date of the dream was October 11th, 2019. I remember it because that was the most chaotic and detrimental month of my life. The details aren't as important to my story, though.

I was trying to get back to a house I never expected to want to go back to to the point of the dream. Then, he appeared. Daemon. My fallen from grace Angel. He was wearing scrubs and a mask, and a surgical scrub cap. He told me he knew I was scared and I would feel that a lot soon, but I needed to trust him and leave with him into the unknown. It was the one instance I didn't. I didn't trust to follow him out of that hospital. I didn't trust my own choked down intuitions. And I never told anyone. I never told anyone about what I saw. And I haven't spoken to Daemon since. I've held out moving on with my life with the hopes that he does exist and that I could be happy with him. I don't know people well, so I liked being alone with him changed something in me. His not being here has struck a chord within me, and I want answers that he may have about what is going on now. I wish I had just trusted him, and maybe we would be together now and not indefinitely apart.

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