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On the date of May 28th, 2017, an abnormal occurence occured to me in a nightmare of the darkest forms. I have been so shaken up that I haven't been able to openly speak up about it with anyone until now.

On that day, I swear my soul was ripped out of my body by greedy hands that wanted to harm me. I have never known such evils that could make me feel tremendous pain as that nightmare had on my 19th birthday, no less.

But the pain was no what I remembered most, it was a guy named Maxwell that dragged me away from the beast I came to call a Sluagh before I even know that such a creature actually existed in mythology. Maxwell told me to wake up and that I would be healed of all my wounds.

I did wake up with a start, not screaming, just feeling numbness all around, realizing I left Maxwell behind, trapped in my nightmare. I tried to fall back asleep, and pass into that state of sheer terror, but I was kept out of that one nightmare. I had no idea if nightmare guy was dead or alive or even if he was even real or just a dream.

Fast forward to 2/17/18

I went to a medium reading which my mom suggested would be fun even though she's a skeptic. I took the bate and went to meet a psychic named Joanne. The instant she walked in, she was drawn to me. She spoke to me of a name, an extremely familiar name I held dear to my heart for months as I cried myself to sleep in worry of him being forgotten, even though it was very likely he was unreal.


Startled, I kept my mouth shut on saying who he was to me, but instead said the name sounded familiar before more questions arose. No one else in the party knew of a Maxwell, I knew the Maxwell mentioned was my Maxwell, dream guy.

I don't know what this means and am in desperate need of answers, please.

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