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Captured A Spirit On A Photograph


A couple of days ago I was taking photos of my son when I caught something unusual on the picture. Next to his head I can see what looks like the shadow of a mans face with a flame next to it, the colour of the face is transparent smoky grey/silver and the flame is bright white with green coming from it. I can also see a sleeping baby with the man. I know it's not the camera or the settings as I took several photos with he same settings and only one picked up what I believe to be a spirit next to my son. Since my son was born just over a year ago lots of things have happened like orbs on videos and my son being distracted by something I can't see, also things moving like toys and can hear sounds like frequencies. I've also woken up to catch a shadow person watching me when I sleep, once when I was pregnant and once when my son was born, they didn't seem frightening or with any intent to harm me, it felt like they were observing me but as soon as I woke they vanished within a millisecond. Since I spotted the photo I've been feeling on edge and haven't been able to sleep. A psychic said the pic is a man and a child and it looks like they are the protectors of my baby boy, Someone else who isn't a phsychic who saw the photo said they can see horns which is freaking me out a little. I see a mans face and a sleeping baby, but when you look at certain parts of the photo you can see something which looks more animalistic, I can see the face of a tiger, I can make out horns but when I pan out all I can see is a masculine face. I'm tying to think positive that it's my sons spirit guide rather than something evil. Wouldn't the colours be more brown and black for a demon? Should I completely cleanse and smudge my home just in case? If anybody can help me and would like to see the photograph you're more than welcome to private message or email me.

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chariTisme (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-19)
It never hurts to smudge and can Only eh~VER help, althO, iWould lEan toward trusting your psychic provided shE's thE rEal dEal which i'D choose to believe that mOst aRe! Even sO:
Berellic (54 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-02)
[at] FayeElizabeth, you should start learning spiritual protection to protect yourself and your son. Definitely take advantage of getting your house cleansed from anything that may be evil, yet what you have described about your experiences makes all this seem kind of suspicious towards this picture. I would like to have a look myself: oneeyedpirate [at]

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