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Loving Relationship With A Spirit


I realize all ages read this site so I will keep this PG. I welcome constructive comments as I am looking for people with a similar experience so I may learn more about what is going on in mine. Also, I will keep this basic, leaving out details that may be boring to a reader.

I have come to realize that compared to most people, I have had a life rich in psychic experiences and communications. I'm not new to it, I have spent years studying, meditating and taking classes. I have done readings, but not professionally. I don't make money at it. I have my reasons, but they don't apply here. I have been speaking to my guardians since I was a child. I have seen so much while in a waking, walking state, I have no doubts about the reality of it all. I have strong protections in place that I have actually seen work and I have seen what I am protecting us from, while awake, not just in meditation. I'm not a novice.

Still, the more I learn, the less I know.

Information about my recent experience has been very hard to find and even after everything I've experienced, it was difficult for me to believe.

After what I finally figured out was much time an effort, my attention was awakened to a spirit who says he loves me. Before this, I could hear him, but my self esteem isn't great I and couldn't believe or accept that anyone anywhere would be interested in me. That, and I was dealing with a lot of life issues. So I ignored him. Life has more or less calmed at the moment. Still, I can be dense, so after trying to get my attention for at least five years, he had to enlist two other spirits to help him get me to notice him.

How I know there were three is a longer story I will skip for now.

Basically, after a grueling week, I had decided I was never getting out of bed again except except to care for the animals and go to work. At that moment, I was blanketed with energy of such love and compassion, there was no ignoring it.

For about three weeks there were feelings of being loved, a lucid dream that showed me I was protected, communication so strong I could not deny I was talking to a spirit, and feeling happier than I ever have. Still, I am my own skeptic.

I contacted a psychic I have known for years and trust, he is now world renowned. He validated that I have been in contact with a spirit who means me no harm.

I was finally able to accept not only that he is real, but so is his interest in me. As a spiritualist, I realize there are no coincidences. That being said, I can say that he has managed to give me gifts and communicate with me in different ways to eliminate any of my doubt.

For the sake of brevity, I'm leaving out a lot of details, I know.

He even managed to touch my heart chakra, twice. Such love I have never known before.

Our relationship became physical. Again, skipping the details. Sorry kids.

I was told this is more common than people think, but I can find no information about these relationships. I am looking for validations of what I already know, I have questions about what I would like to know. I welcome constructive comments for others who are in this type of relationship.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-08)
There was another lady who spoke of similar experience as yours.
O0I01 spoke about, love which was not with an earthly person.

My dad just passed, but I felt his presence. And actually his hand and finger nails on my foot while in bed, as I spoke to him.
Previously while grieving I experience an etheric love descend on me, it felt angelic, but I knew that I knew it was my Dad send love and comfort to me while I grieved his passing. It seems to me that the communication of senses/love is what I had sent my dad using Phowa Reiki, and that once dad crossed over he too, picked up on telepathic sending of energy (love/peace). It just goes to show, that Telepathy is the one language which transcends, a physical body and is used by Angels and loved ones to us here on earth. Quite amazing.
ufw57 (39 posts)
3 years ago (2021-01-30)
Finally someone with the same experience as me... I would have commented early but lost my previous account due to complications with my email which I also lost.

My experience would come from things like a desire or obsession with a creature I find attractive especially extraterrestrial life. It all started with sleep paralysis but since I'm more of aperson that practice meditation with house music and tropical deep vocal house music instead of wales chasing each other in my head I can say i'v encountered many many other worldly being who to me comes to no surprise of how they know what I like as a starseed (yea I say things like this in songs with the help of my mind and selective hearing) They came out to me and we had one time a conversation of how comes a cute person like me doesn't have a girlfriend. Thins change when I saw a girl slightly my age but alien because I can identify with the living dead- they can't come to you unless you are a close relative...Demons-they can't interact with you unless they tap into you barin and find things associated with you resonating with the occult and how human baings think life was created with a strong perpose of a man with white light saving people who hate other people and other worldly beings we've read about on the internet... Long story short I was listening to music with her all night... One girl turn into two... Two girls turn into a city of dark angels and one thing led to another now I'm a plug of what they want to do at night but the scary things comes when I'm vividly awake and I can hear my enviromen and sure 100% of the time someone is always there but when they co. E close to me from the back and open their arms and position their ribs on my back bone my mind just live the body and flies to space all with static, numbers and secred geometry which come out to be true when I google them. One eaven told me there are some spices consisting of girls only and they are the ones I should fear bacause they are everywhere and intelligent converseters if I swear I don't find them attractive and I'm the only person looking at her from another dimension who is not scared of doing so but of the opposite gander.
What I would tell you is this things are common especially if it's a desire you were born with of switching from the outside world to the inner much larger world consisting of everything yet still have a big influence on your outside world because me like you know they exist and if you are pro to keeping a one night stand demon that likes you... My friend you better ask questions with your mind not mouth some places are better of kept a secret for you and your friend only.
Weather they leave togather as male and female in the same dimension isf you ask me is a lie... This people are advanced and wars could start bacause of creative diffarances... My avatar alaways lies to me when I'm talking to her that if I perseav something that's not female I should call them out and say in the 3rd world we have a god and it's me... Thats why they are seeing and slowly that being would apologize for stepping on your world pretending to be a man... Thats why I always approach that world with an intent of finding a girl because they all are girls I'm the only man in my life (that's what the cosmos says)...also those people you are may not be lovers at all they can range from angels, shape shifters to guides wanting you to harnest your psychic abilities soon as possible so that you may not be ashamed to meet people like me on astra... Someone who can fly with you and see what's athe edge of the universe or what is being created in our lives at source right now... As always aks gender specific questions to get your head blown away... Having sisters is better than having a brother with boyfriends... Bye hope we related and kept it PG lol.
-o0I0o- (19 posts)
4 years ago (2021-01-11)

I hope you come back and read this.

It is wonderful that you have such love in your life. I would like to share with you some experiences I have had with love.

My late wife channeled higher level beings. Many were either angelic or archangels. Among many things I had a chance to ask every question I could think of over the course of years.

We can have relationships with beings on other levels. When we fall in love with people here on the Earth plane the guides of both people fall in love as well. They are involved behind the scenes long before we even meet the eventual love interest. Some people are so connected to their guides that they become one for brief moments. I had a girlfriend who would get a certain look on her face and touch her chin with her hand when concentrating. My late wife who was a channeler contacted this ex-girlfriend's guide. As my wife channeled him my wife got the same look and touched her chin with her hand the same way the girlfriend always had. The gesture was the guide's. The girlfriend and the guide became one when she concentrated like that.

I once fell in love with a woman's guide instead of her.

I have experienced astral relations;-| with beings who as far as I could know were not also here with a physical body living somewhere on the Earth plane.

I have had a sustained relationship (soul to soul) with someone living in a physical body but who was not aligned with their higher self. She was an evolved being and very advanced with higher level abilities but she was abused at a very young age. I could have a conversation with a part of her while her Earth consciousness was not involved. She was aware of me, she was even interested in me and came to me to show me her interest in me before I grew interested in her. However, I did not recognize that she was fragmented inside, incapable of a serious relationship and mainly looking for fun in the moment.

We were telepathic with one another and on one level she made her interest in me crystal clear. She was multidimensional. One day she opened up and invited me inside her. It was non-verbal and I simply understood and accepted the invitation without hesitating. Instead of sensing a limited intimate space I felt the unlimitedness of a universe within her. I considered her a divine gift. I loved her more and with greater understanding of love than anyone previously. I poured intense love into her. I researched her situation wanting to understand and to do what she needed of me. I began experimenting with the love I had for her to see if it improved the dynamics of our connection. But in the process I changed and could not return to what I had been before. She instead drifted away.

We can experience physical sensation generated by non-physical beings. To this day, the strongest love able to melt me came from a visiting non-physical being who usually does not enter this plane. The room warmed. Colors and light became more vivid. I was quickly turned into warm pudding. It was awe inspiring but awe is too much of an expressive activity to describe this. I was too softened from the deep warming love. A relaxing moan would better describe it.

Pale compared to this yet still strong was the love I felt when my mother came to me after she passed away. It was undeniably her, very pure and reminiscent of her presence when I was a very young child and she was "LOVE" to me. Our relationship had become and remained distant for most of my life but this was her in full glowing purity focused on me and I had the maturity and awareness at my adult age to fully appreciate it. Again, the other being was even more loving.
Aiya (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2021-01-08)
Never mind, I have my answers and since there were no similar responses, I think I am to keep them to myself. Thank you for responding.
Aiya (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-12-21)
Rough times is an understatement. I've been told by a world renowned psychic I've had a hard life, more than most. Honestly, I didn't realize it until I talked to others. Some who have had to watch me do my best said I have gone through more hardship in year than most see in a lifetime. It has only been the last 11 months that I have known any kind of rest, even a little peace. But still with loss.
I had given up on love long ago, like decades ago. Didn't look for it, didn't feel any real need for it, really didn't want to deal with any more complications. I've just been trying to deal with what life hands me.
So, all of this was a surprise to me.
I've been aware of my guides since I was a child. These new ones are different and have amazed me with how active and how much they can affect the physical world.
I hope that answers your question, probably too much.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
4 years ago (2020-12-21)
The reality is there are many dimensions.

There are also people who die, and yet active in the physical realm.
Those who wish to evolve are of service and act as guides.

In your situation it seems there is interacting with you, so you are in this relationship. And as all of us have ability to show love/peace. This is what has been imparted to you and more, from what you are saying.

As you are saying you have gone though rough times, and felt lost in need of love.

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