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Smelling Auras? Sleeping With Spirits?


This is my first post on here and I don't know if people still read or post on this but i'm still going to post on this. I've been dealing with spirits since 2015 I started doing the pendulum and that's what started the whole thing. Before you knew it I was asking spirits to have sex. But can you? Or is it in my head? I was diagnosed with a disorder. They say that I have a chromosome missing which makes me lose a little bit of reality I tried asking if I could see a picture of it or if they could test it but they won\'t only a special doctor can. So maybe its my disorder that's making me crazy? Or am I sleeping with spirits? Also I don't want to say my disorder.

Also I can smell auras like spirits and I mostly smell the ghost that I sleep with a lot. He smells good. And I always recognize it. But is it real? And when there are demons or bad spirits I smell smoke. I've never had a seizures I do get migraines but those have gone away. And they've never caused this. I really need answer, sometimes I'll see lights flashing at night just flashes are those auras? Sometimes there in the day time. Are they angels? Spirits? Is something wrong with me?

So am I really having spirit sex and if I am how do you for sure know if your having it with the same one?

I'm so confused and lost. It's been five years and I'm still dealing with this stuff. Does anyone know how to block these things? I've tried praying and having angels come down and I am christian but I still have trouble. If you have any tips on how to block demons or spirits away please help.

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