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Odd Vision


I've had an odd vision to say the least.

I was at home when I zoned out for about five minutes. I couldn't move or speak. After a while my vision went black, and I saw this vast grey desert. It was barren and hot it was night, the air smelled like the earth had died years ago the rotting flesh and decaying bone, these grey souless dunes downed for years, anything alive would likely die within minutes of birth rocks and vines covered in thorns on the ground and a dark reddish purple sludge on the landscape and in the distance was a giant black thing, I don't know what it was but it was large, black, looked like a slanted pillar and was entirely made of this black crystal like vine or spike that twisted to make the giant structure.

When I looked around there were skulls, cracked and broken. In the sky was the moon, split in half with a burning core. I also saw these black raptor like creatures scavenging the skulls for food. The last thing I saw was this giant flying whale like creature it was large and was a very dark grey with two wings spanning each side purple fragments, streaks and scars covered the beasts body it floated high in the sky, with two eyes either side of the head. Then this goliath, started charging at me with an other worldly roar/scream its mouh opening meters wide, enough to swallow anything whole and it ended up swallowing me whole and I was greeted with a white flash and there I was back in the room. I've had this happen a few times and I don't know what it is. HELP me please.

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