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I Had A Vision


I don't remember the exact year but I'm guessing about 1995 because I remember I drove a red Nissan truck with a magnetic ham radio antenna on the roof.

My wife and I were just coming out of the house to go on an errand. As I walked out of the house I could picture in my mind that a pigeon or dove flew into my ham radio antenna and knocked it off the roof of my truck.

I thought nothing of it and I probably wouldn't have remembered what I just saw in my head until five minutes later we were driving along the road when a pigeon came flying right towards us and flew right into my antenna, knocking it off my truck!

What are the odds of seeing this happen five minutes previously in my head and then have it actually happen exactly as I saw it?

This is one of many psychic experiences I have had.

Years ago I worked in South Africa even though I'm from England. One saturday night I was coming out of a bar with some friends and one guy who I barley knew said to me " my wife saw a clairvoyant and she told me to tell you that you're going to live in America "

What he said didn't make any sense, I didn't know his wife, I had never even met her. We were mainly working overseas on a contract without wife or girlfriends there so I think his wife was in Scotland at the time.

I never thought any more of what he told me in fact I had forgotten all about it the very next day. Fast forward three years while working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean I met a woman from California. I've lived here for 32 years.

I have had many other psychic and paranormal experiences that I will save for another day.

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