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Strange But True


I want to stat off by saying I had extremely strong psychic abilities when I was much younger.

Okay here goes, me and a good fiend starting flipping houses and one day we decided to go to Ohio

And look for some houses to flip.

Now here is the strange part, me and my friend lives in Connecticut at the time and I only

Know my friend family in Connecticut no where else.

So we leave Connecticut very early in the morning and drove to Ohio, when we got to Ohio we starting driving around the Cities

Looking for houses to buy and flip. We had drive around a few Cities in Ohio for hour's then we decided to go and get something rest and also something to eat around 2;pm.

Because we had been in Ohio since 6:am and we had not eating anything.

So we pulled into a plaza and park and we started talking about the houses we saw and what we can do with them. I was sitting in the

Passenger set and my friend was in the driver's seat.

A Woman about 50 year's old driving the car I had a good look at the Woman then I turn to my friend and said to him, look your sister

Park next to us.

He looked at me as if I am crazy, then he look at the Woman driving the car and he said in a loud voice that's my sister and we ended

Up going to his Sister house for lunch that day.

Now here is my question, How could I have known this Woman who packed next to us was my friend Sister, and my friend never showed me any

Pictures of his sister or even told me he have family in Ohio. It was the first time I saw that woman in my entire life.

And sadly to say me and my friend is not longer friends since after that incident in Ohio.

I think I freaked him out a lot and since then our friendship have declined a great deal to almost nothing.

Thanks to all for reading my story.

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Charles120 (1 stories) (3 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-30)
[at] mx384

Hey how are you? I saw your post on my story, sorry it took a while to come back to you I keep forgetting to check the comments 😆

Anyway yeah you can send the PDF you mentioned if you still have it, although I have an idea of what it could be. I'm very interested either way, hopefully you still have it. You can send it to charlesmalodube120 [at]

I liked your story too and I have moments just like you mentioned. I also regularly dream about stuff that happens either the next day or in the following days or weeks. It's odd.

wiseone (4 posts)
3 years ago (2020-11-25)
It sounds to me that you had a moment of claircognazance. This particular psychic ability is where information is placed within your mind. It's not delivered via a vision (clairvoyant) or hearing your spirit guides talking to you (clairaudient), you didn't have the answers, then the next moment you do.
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I really have no advice on this front. It comes down to what your friend can handle and if they are open to an alternative way of understanding the world. Some are and some aren't. Sometimes you can have a friendship by just not talking about that part of your life, and sometimes they just aren't in a place to address the idea or reality of psychic abilities.
Hope this helps.

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