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My Legs Were Floating But I Could Not Move


This morning I woke up at 6am, I stayed awake for about two hours (8am) then to go back to sleep I laid there for about 10 minutes to then realizing I'm asleep dreaming, I get to a ending of my dream where I jump out of a car window and I'm in the middle of no where by myself right after a brown busted car is driving towards me with the spongebob theme song playing on the radio, bc that was pretty sketchy to me and I didn't want to dream about that I open my eyes to wake & I feel my leg floating up I look down & I can't really see but blurry fuziness like when the flash runs the stuff behind him is what I was seeing as if my head was moving to fast to see it, I then try move my legs to snap out of it but my legs kept getting pushed back on the bed & in the air I then think if I'm basically floating why not float my whole body, I then try to push off the bed with my head but my head & shoulders wouldn't leave the the bed, I try to scream out to my dad but I just couldn't I kept trying & then I finally did I yelled out to dad about 3 times before not being able to my body kept floating until I pulled it down so many times it came to a stop that all felt like 1-2 minutes I go into the lounge where my dad & stepmum are sleeping & my sister on her ipad, but I don't think I actually said anything bc my sister would have heard & said something if my dad & stepmum didn't, & what's weird is that I woke up at 8:40am my dream that I had felt like an hour but that all happened in at least 25 minutes.

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