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I Saved A Squirrel By Asking It To Move


About me:

I'm a 21 year old boy (still not used to being called a man and I have a lot of companies I assist with web security and stuff I often help Lego with cool things and I love scuba diving. I'm very skilled on the computer and I've been on this site when I was younger.

Here's my experience:

So me and my mom had gone to Kroger a shopping store in the us and on our way home my mom stopped in the middle of the road and had stopped because a squirrel was in front of our car, it wasn't moving and just sitting there. I lowered my window (it felt like instinct) and I asked the squirrel to move to the right. Once the squirrel was at the side of the road it got confused, it was confused due to me making a mistake on thinking it was turning around I said "no other way" and then corrected myself and I said "wait, no your fine and he turned his body back to facing the right and I said "yeah your good, that way." And it went just out of the way of our car. I would like to know how I'm able to speak if any of you can explain it but mostly I just wanted to share this experience!


Hope this wasn't too confusing it was hard to edit but I hope I explained it well enough. Also I know it being a squirrel sounds kind of silly but I've also done this with fish so it isn't the craziest story I have. I also plan on sharing some old stories on this site because this site helped me a lot when I was younger and I want to help people like they helped me. Thank you for reading and moderators if this needs editing I can revise it to your liking. I don't know how to make this short story longer sorry.

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