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Spirits Asking Me For Help, Invading My Home


The house my mom grew up in has been in my family for about 60-70 years. It is my understanding that my Grandparents were the original owners of the home. Regardless of how many owners the house has had, it has a lot of history. My Mom's family moved here from the Midwest in 1964, and Grandparents lived in the home until their deaths. No one has ever actually died in the house... Only in hospitals, but I don't know if that really matters.

I have always felt like I have special abilities of some kind. I feel energies and read people's emotions very well, and if someone is feeling extreme pain or sadness, it is very difficult for me to not absorb it and feel it as well. I always know when someone is going through a difficult time, even if they put on an act and don't let it show. I am so sensitive that this had a very negative impact on my life for a long time, and I am just now starting to understand it. For the first time in my life, I can feel that this is something I can control, but I can also feel how powerful it is. It is something MUCH bigger than me or my emotions or my capabilities. It's almost as if I have access to some type of higher plane.

The energies I'm able to access and read and feel are extremely strong, and sometimes they are a little scary, because they are so difficult to understand before you allow yourself to open up to them.

The first time I saw or felt something strange in my home was in 2010. I had moved into my Grandparent's old home, which was vacant at the time, while planning to start college in the San Francisco Area. It was an opportunity to live in the bay with free rent, so obviously I wasn't going to turn that down. My mother was so fond of her childhood home, and was so distraught over losing her parents (My mom was in her 40's when her Mom passed, and my Grandfather was diagnosed with cancer soon after), so she just continued to pay the property taxes and didn't move any of her parent's belongings for like ten years. When I moved here in 2010, the house was undisturbed, almost as if you were walking into the past. The house was very old-fashioned, all the original furniture and knick-knacks remained. It had a bit of an eerie feeling, but it was my Grandparent's home and I felt safe here... Well I felt safe at first.

One day, I was sitting in my bedroom that used to be my Grandmother's room, which is located just below the attic, and I started feeling a very strong and intense presence. It was so negative, I had never felt anything THAT strong. I could feel the emotions and thoughts of something that was watching me, and I knew that I was not welcome, and that it wanted me to leave. Strange things began to happen. The entire ordeal probably lasted about an hour or two. Knocking on the ceiling, which I knew was the attic, growls, and then the overwhelming feeling that something terrible would happen to me if I did not listen, and get out. I called my best friend because he had told me previously that he had seen something paranormal in the past, so I knew he would believe me. He heard some of the noises through the phone and told me I had to get out of the house.

Most of the clothes I had brought with me were in a laundry hamper near the side door of the home, and I knew I couldn't leave without them. I had my phone with me, obviously, and the keys to my car, so I sat on the bed in my Grandmother's old room on the phone with my friend and started to plan how to get out of the house. I could feel something starting to almost cave in on me, I felt pressure, I was unwelcome. I decided that I would grab my keys, keep my friend on the phone, walk straight to the side door and grab my laundry and just leave out of that exit. I exited the room when I suddenly felt some kind of shock, and even though I had planned on keeping my eyes on the floor, I felt compelled to look up, and that's when I saw it. It moved very quickly across the room and disappeared around a corner. It was a shadow, but very detailed, and I saw it's face, very pronounced features. It grinned at me as soon as it noticed me and whooshed out of sight. It looked human-like, but it's coloring, it's motions, and the way it looked at me, did not look human. I ran back into the room and hid under the blankets for about half an hour before my friend, who was on the phone with me the entire time, told me that I had to get out and I finally gathered the courage to run from the house. I left my clothes in the home, there was no way for me to get to them. I got out of the house and continued to feel this very malicious pressure caving in on me. I drove down the street, and when I was about a block or 2 away from the property, the feeling lifted completely, and suddenly I felt just fine. The presence was gone. It ran me out of the house.

I left that night with only my phone and keys, and because I didn't know anyone in the area yet, (and I was a starving college student lol), my only choice was to go home. I drove 400 miles that night and arrived at my Mom's house at like 4 in the morning. I didn't return to the house for a few years, but over time, kind of convinced myself that it was my mind playing tricks on me.

My mom moved here after my parents divorced a few years later, and she only lived here for about 2 years before she passed. She was only 61. She was an alcoholic, and was also extremely sensitive, like me. I have a theory that she was affected somehow by whatever I saw that day, but there is no way to know for sure. My sister came to the house after our Mom passed and held a yard sale, and sold almost everything, completely emptied the house. Not long after, I was struggling with the loss of my mom and lost my job, so I was kind of forced to move into the empty house until I got back on my feet. This time, the house was empty, but I had started to pay attention to these energies I feel and I knew as soon as I got back to the house, that whatever I saw, it was still here. I have been talking aloud and letting it know that I will not bother it, if it doesn't bother me, and I could feel that it heard me and appreciated this. A lot of weird things happen still but I don't allow myself to get scared, I kind of just acknowledge it aloud and let it know that I am aware, I am not scared, and we need to cohabitant in peace. I almost feel a sense of understanding or something with it, and it still does not want me here, and it has not left, but I know I have taken some of the control away from it.

I have now been in the house for 7 months or so and I have seen some very strange things. My cats act very strangely sometimes, clawing at the air, sometimes hissing, or running around playfully, as if they're chasing a bug or a fly, but nothing is there. Yesterday, I had two friends over and we cooked and had a few drinks. My friend Javi told me later that he had seen a shadow of some kind moving from my kitchen, into another room and around a corner, and that it looked at him and he could see its face. I just sat there in absolute disbelief because I had never told him this story. I had never told anyone this story, except for my friend who was on the phone with me that night in 2010. What Javi explained to me was exactly what I saw, exactly what I felt. He then explained that he has been aware of energies, and he has seen a lot of things he cannot explain over the course of his life. What he has experienced is slightly different from me, but I believe him 100%. I couldn't believe it when he described its face, or coloring, or the way it moved, or the direction in which it moved. It was really crazy.

Apparently Javi saw this yesterday, so... 7 years after I saw it. Last night, after he and our other friend left, I laid down on the couch and fell asleep. I woke up randomly at like 4 am and saw that I had received a text message while I was sleeping, so I responded to it and then saw my phone had low battery, so I got up to plug it in and went back to the couch to lay down. This is the craziest part of it all. Anyone reading this who is a believer may think I'm nuts here, I kind of wonder the same lol... But what I experienced was so far beyond my realm of understanding, I am still analyzing and trying to understand.

I laid down on the couch, and I felt very intense shivers. I have been working really hard to protect my own energy, because I have been realizing that this is something special... And I want to learn to control it. I suddenly felt so much energy that I felt like I was in a crowded room of people. I looked around and saw nothing. It was very dark and I thought I could see a few shadows, but I knew that I couldn't allow myself to feel fear, so I didn't. I started to meditate and only think about positive things. Suddenly, I felt like my whole body was shaking and I felt myself drift off somewhere. My eyes were open, I was not dreaming, and I was not looking at the inside of my home. I was in an empty room with white walls and I could feel very strongly that I had accessed something much bigger. It's very difficult to explain. Side note: I was writing this inside my home and the pressure and shivers got so strong, I am now sitting at my patio, about 30 feet from my back door. I don't feel it as strongly here.

As soon as I looked around that room, I felt like I needed to leave, so I forced myself out of the mindset and suddenly, I was back home, I looked around and everything was normal. I still felt like I was surrounded by people but I did not feel like they were a threat. It seriously felt like they were trying to communicate with me. I started to think about it for a moment and I thought to myself, "This is something you need to figure out. You need to understand this. As long as you protect yourself, you can take down our guard and it will be okay." I spoke aloud and let whoever know that I was aware they were there, and I suddenly felt waves of emotions that I could tell were coming from more than one place. More than one person, or spirit, or whatever. I then allowed myself to meditate as I had done before, and the same freaking thing happened. My mind and body shook (not like a seizure, more like I was channeling something and it was just overwhelming), and I was back in that damn room. I went in and out of that room at least 5 times, and could do so on command. At one point, I got up from the couch again and went to where my phone was charging just to look at the time, and make sure I wasn't in some crazy dream. It was not a dream.

Spirits were trying to communicate with me and I think that my speaking to them, and letting them know that I can help, and that I want to understand, attracted several looking for help. First, I met a little girl who was scared, I could feel everything she felt and could tell she was very lost. We talked for awhile, I asked her how old she was and she didn't know. She didn't know her name. I asked what year she was born, trying to get information to help her, and she did not know. She longed for comfort and missed her family and did not understand where she was. I remember leaving the room feeling quite sad that I was unable to help her, but it was so intense I had to come back for a minute to regroup.

The second time, I saw my Grandfather and it was the craziest thing, because my cat was running around the house as she sometimes does, looking playful, but this time I could see HIM playing with her. I realized that he was there with me and had been the one playing with my animals. That was very overwhelming. He smiled at me and then the cat ran off to the other end of the house, and he playfully followed.

There were three other people, or groups of people, I spoke with. The third time I meditated and felt that I was somewhere else, I walked around a corner of the house with white walls and suddenly, was confronted by two men wearing military uniforms that were extremely old fashioned. One, maybe both, were holding rifles, and before I was able to say anything or reassure them that I meant no harm, one man raised his rifle and fired. I remember thinking, "If this is a dream, I won't feel the pain." I didn't feel anything at first, but then a few seconds later, fml, I had been shot in the knee. He had not shot to kill, he intentionally shot me in the leg. I fell and began to plead with him saying I meant no harm and that I could help him. He lowered his rifle and looked very confused. I felt the confusion and suddenly, he realized what he had done and I felt the sadness he felt. I forced myself out of it again and calmed myself, and looked down at my leg. I have several GIANT bruises all around my leg, almost as if I broke a bone. I took pictures of my knee just to remind myself of this part. So much happened last night, I didn't want to forget any details...

There were a few more, but you get the idea. I cannot explain it and I know it sounds insane, but I have invited spirits into my home. I genuinely feel that I can help them move on or understand where they are, so I am not trying to get rid of them. I want to know if anyone else has felt or experienced this. Please share your thoughts if you can help me understand. I do not want to leave the home, but the one dark shadow that ran me out that one night, it's still here and I want it to know that I am in control, this is my house, and if it wants to stay, it's going to play by my rules. I'm done messing around lol.

Thanks for reading.


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Lightworker5 (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-09-14)
lol first of all, I find you to be hilarious as you tell your stories. Especially when you left your clothes and got out of the house. I could feel you on that. I have a lot of respect for spirit and the dead as well. I also wish to be able to see and communicate more with them as I am awakening to my spiritual gifts. I believe I am developing mediumship abilities because I feel peoples emotions very strongly and I'm just learning that my anxiety is caused by spirit raising my vibration to get a message through. I practice spiritual advising and healing and often feel that jittery coffee caffeine feeling right before the call then it goes away once we exchange a few words. I love hearing about your experience because it validates some things for me on my spiritual quest. Blogging like this will attract the people who need to see it and appreciates it in divine timing. ~Blessed 😊

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