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She Wants To Go Home


My purpose of publishing the story is hopefully to get assistance from someone who isn't scared of their abilities like I am and who may be willing to come here to where I live and see if they can feel what I feel. Because every time I drive by the location I feel her wondering why I haven't already helped her. I'm not going to mention her name because I feel that's the only way I know if someone is being genuine.

One day while at my job cleaning swimming pools, we were called to go to a pool that we don't normally do maintenance for. While assisting my co-worker check the pool pump and filter, I got this feeling like all of the air was being pulled out of my lungs and I got really light-headed. So I told my coworker that I had to sit down for a minute. From where I was sitting near the pool, I could look out over the pool and see a beautiful pond past it surrounded by a field and then woods in the back.

Whenever I use the word "hear," I'm not actually speaking about an audible noise from outside. I mean it more in the sense of like I could feel the words. And the feeling that I was getting was one of fear hopelessness and longing. I can feel her thoughts. "If you let me go, I won't tell anyone!" "Please let me go home." "My family will miss me if I'm gone." "Somebody please!" "HELP ME!"

I also had a feeling about a name. Not her whole name. Just part. When I mentioned it to my coworker who is older than me, he said, "I've never heard that name before...unless...wait." Are u talking about ******?" And when he said the name everything "clicked." Even though this is a very important unsolved case from my town, I had never heard about it before this day since it happened before I was born.

I have to drive by this location everyday. I was hoping that the feeling of her knowing I know would go away. But it hasn't. It has only gotten worse. I can feel her pulling at me. Like she wants me to help her. Like she's losing hope that one day she will be able to go home. I don't want to risk looking like I'm crazy by going to the police and telling them my story. Or maybe it's because I worry that maybe I am. I'm hoping that I can get someone who has developed their gift fully to come and confirm if what I'm feeling is real.

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darkassassin92 (1 stories) (213 posts)
2 weeks ago (2022-05-07)
Read Angelica💑 (2nd name Anjerica born Summer 2003 I born February 12th, 1992 I read Zodiac Cancer & Aquarius least compatible be best partners work out I never met models all Websites bio about her reasons most model visit my dreams rare I dreaming other models I know Website not dream interpretation no 1 exact help insight get me thinking I need answers? Try explain I😕🔮soul mate Spiritual connection or Twin flame or no).

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