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This Is My Story. Just Want Input


from the time I was young I knew for a fact I was different. I had an imaginary friend, I forgot her name it's been so long. My mom would always ask who I was talking to, and I'd point and say my friend. Getting older I fell into some dark crap, I played with the ouija board and I turned mean as hell. My mom said I was the devil.

I got strangled one night in my sleep when no one was there.

I see a man's figure but it's just a shadow with red eyes watching me every time I visit my dad.

I feel as if someone following me and watching me.

I hear things in my house, my husband says he can't hear anything.

I have to leave ear buds in ears when it's quiet or the sounds start up. I'm 24 years old. On top of that, my kids see what I know is there! So I'm not crazy! My ex was on heavy drugs and was an abusive person and whatever is following me hated him! He tried hitting me and it broke the door open at just the right moment and scared him. Since that day I felt something dark around me, but also protecting me. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. So I keep it all to myself. I just want to understand what has been happening to me. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I tried searching for what this is, but it only shows up as schizophrenia. I've been diagnosed with severe depression in my teen years but that's long gone. My best friend died and I still see his face. My grandma drew her last breath and I watched her soul leave. My uncle died and I see him at my moms, he usually plays pranks. I close my window and he opens it.

I don't feel human. Something is different with me and I can not put my finger on it.

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