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The Psychic/spiritual Part Of My Life Would Like Some Input


It all started in the year of 1999, I was only 6 years old at the time as far as I could remember, were I would constantly have the feeling of fear that something was hiding just out of sight. This went on for quite some time, that I would get restless and feel afraid of something that I could not see, it came in phases but when it did come this feeling of "uneasyness" it was the most horrible thing. Following this I had constant questions of death at the age of 6 and a half, and every time I was told (by my parents) to just stop thinking about it, and not to concern myself with such a thing at a young age. (The catch to this, is that my older brother passed away at the age of 6 and a half in a freak accident) I came into existence after his passing. I was never to sure, even to this day about why I was thinking about death at such a young age.

Fast track to the age of 11, I would have constant dejavu about places that I was walking to. Being able to guess which cars are going to come around a round bend, or if a cat or a dog was going to run across the road. At the time, I didn't think much of it I mean, I was just a kid at the time thought it was a cool thing to do but it really made me wonder how I was able to do this. This same year I was having a sleepover with a friend of mine, and just as I was about to fall asleep I had this flash of people drowning, buildings being crushed, people screaming and overall just a devastating scenery. Immediately after seeing this, I asked my friend if he had saw it to, but he said that I was only dreaming and that I should just go back to sleep. The following morning my dad came to pick me up and as soon as I got home I told my mum about this weird thing that I experienced. She told me not to worry about it and that it was only just a "dream". Two weeks from that date the Tsunami of 2004 on December the 26th happened, which killed thousands of people.

After that I thought that it might have just been a silly coincidence and that there couldn't be any connection until one night when I was 12 I think, a similar thing happened where I saw more people dying. And I told my mum about this as well, two weeks later another terrible event happened (can't remember exactly what it was). It was only after this that mum started believing me. Then there were more bouts of dejavu and just a constant feeling of being out of place, my entire life I have had this feeling as If I'm either living in the wrong timeline or somewhere, something went wrong.

At the age of 14 my family immigrated to Australia, this would be where it all got a whole lot more crazy. That unsteady/fearful energy I was talking about before had return, or well just followed me I presume. We moved from a major city to a smaller town, and this would be where I learnt more about myself and what I am capable of (I guess?). It started with dreams, and lots of them where I would dream of something and it would come true! These dreams would also be very detailed on what is to happen, and how it will happen It was almost as if I was living a different life within this one, within these dreams. Following this came the visions (I will call them, a flash) where I would see something happen, and sure enough this will come to pass as well. At night time, especially when it's night almost every night, I could feel presences around me, I couldn't see anything but I could feel it clear as day. Similar to being in a room with another person, but there is no person to pin point the presence to.

Following this, I started to do some digging to found out exactly how I would be able to dream of things and it to come true, which just raised more questions than what I had before. And in return also opening more doors (I've been told) This is where I had learnt of meditation, following this I tried it a few times but every time I would try to meditate there would be wind/air in a room even though there is no way that there could have been with the windows closed and the door shut, and I was able to feel more intense presences with me in that very room, and I was afraid of this so I didn't try it again. Following this I tried just a simple method to be able to concentrate on just me which lead me to be able to move around in the world without actually moving? This world that I was seeing, was (dull and barren, but there was still houses and so forth) not a whole lot was going on here. Soon thereafter I met a girl who I was talking to, and sub sequentially, I told her about these experiences I have had, and then she wanted me to try this on her (moving, without moving thing) long story short, I told her what she was wearing and where she was sitting and what she was doing at the time. This scared her out of her wits, I didn't hear from her, after that.

As the time went on, I would start seeing shadows from the corner of my eyes but I would never be able to catch whatever it was in it's completeness. I was always just a little to late, until one day I was sitting outside of the house having a sneaky smoke as a lot of teenagers do, then I had a look at my mums bedroom window and saw a figure standing there behind the blinds I quickly threw the smoke on the floor thinking "Mum caught me!". It soon became clear that it wasn't mum as the figure I was seeing just stood by the window partially hiding behind it, and no head was visible? (But I surely saw someone standing there) After having a stare-off for a good few minutes, I decided to go inside, only to find my mum fast asleep on the couch? After this, it increasingly became a little bit more "intense" where I would be able to hear something calling my name, but when I answer there is no reply. And it would be when I was the only one at home, one time I was doing my homework and felt something by my shoulder, then as I turned around the blinds behind me were moving (quite scary at the time). A lot of similar things happened, but nothing that ever caused me any harm.

Bit of extra information: I grew up in a Christian household, and I firmly believe that God (Something bigger then ourselves exist) and to each their own, I have never forced my believes on someone else and I don't expect someone to force their beliefs on me. In regards to spirituality that is also another avenue that I would like to open up about a little. I have had dreams of my brother who passed away, where I saw him with wings and we had an actual conversation and he told me what life would have been like if he hadn't passed away when he did, he also taught me how to discern people easier to determine whether they have good or bad intentions. (This was actually cool, if you think about it). He would also tell me every now and then to say "Hi" to mum, and then she would say that's really what she had wanted to hear at a rough time or just to give her a piece of mind.

In continuation of the aforementioned, one night I was having a shower and just because for some reason I felt like it I uttered the words "Satan" and all the power in my suburb went out. Followed by me freaking out, and hearing the dog bark as well to make matters worse! I picked the dog up, felt that same fear feeling I have always felt before but a lot more intense then usual, I sat in the corner of the kitchen lit up a few candles and placed them around me, only to have the dog constantly snarling at something in the dark that I couldn't see and could only feel (This definently had to be my worst experience I've ever had.) As more time passed, the same things reoccurred of hearing something calling my name, or hearing someone walk in the hallway and that feeling of uneasiness. I had a friend (he can also feel things and also sometimes see things) sleepover one night, and as that same fear feeling came back and with me trying to scan the room to pinpoint where it was coming from and without saying anything my friend told me "They can't come in" which freaked me out even more. All he could tell me was that he couldn't see what's following me but it's powerful and I shouldn't open myself up to it anymore.

After this I decided to ignore the dreams or the visions that I would get and the constant dejavu, and act like nothing was actually going on with me, as every time I would try to talk to someone other then my mum or pastor's they would just laugh at me and call me crazy. According to the pastor's that I talked to, "God has great plans for me" they said. As more time passed and I turned 17 I started feeling an energy inside of me that I can't possibly describe, this energy is immensely powerful and expands rapidly and then reoccurs for as long as I will it. It completely surrounds my body then retracts and does it over and over again in pulses. Not sure what it could be as I've tried some reading on it, and there isn't a whole lot available on this specific thing.

More notes:

- At a time, I had knowledge of things that you wouldn't be able to learn at a school (It just came out of nowhere, stayed for a while and then disappeared again).

- I have had blackouts where I would forget completely what I was doing or where I was going, (I get inhumanly strong) when this happens.

- Never experimented with Ouija boards, or anything of the sort.

- Don't have any medical conditions except SVT (Supra ventricular Tachycardia)

- Minimal experimentation with before mentioned "abilities" if you could call them that.

Not to sure on what I expect as a response to this essay I wrote but any input on what could have either caused this side of my life, or what it means?

Any information on what I mentioned above is welcome, and I could definitely go into some more fine details about a few things as this was just a rough estimate on what happened, hard to list everything in just a single setting.

TL:DR - Child concerned with death, Dreams and Visions, Presences, Little bit of religious background.

Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from someone.

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ShadowDancer (1 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-13)
Hi, I just discovered this site today and just decided to read your story. I don't really know what to say except that perhaps if you haven't already, you could reach out to a reader who might be able to direct you to a mentor who can help you control things, even if it's just a little bit. I have had many experiences too, but not as much as you have so I do understand but not all the way. I wish I could help more, but please be encouraged that you will find someone to help you control the abilities you have so you can have a better time of it. Good luck!
TheLight (1 stories) (3 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-09)
It's been five years since I had posted my story and yet, no one else except for Praveen had commented. Is there really no one that might have input on what I have shared?
PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-10)
Hi I am a psychic I see people from afterlife and I communicate using a alphabet and numeral board. I can communicate with your brother too but I need his photo. Good luck. 😁

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