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Lady In My Dreams And In Real Life


I've had this lady in my dreams since I was like 9-10 she's only showed up in 2 of the "dreams" one I know was not a dream the other I'm uncertain about. The first one I had of her was when I was 9-10, I was in the bathroom and I remember dropping my hair brush, when I got back up the girl was in the mirror next to me. She looked about the same age I was, with long black matted hair and a white dress that had what looked like old blood stains. Her eyes were completely blacked eye, almost like the no-eyed children. I could only see her in the mirror, so when I looked away then back, instead of her being next to me she was directly in front of me. I reminder looking over and her not being there, then looking back in the mirror. Instead of her staring into the mirror her head was turned to look at me.

I have moved to a different house with much less paranormal activity and didn't see her again until I was around 14. This felt more like a lucid dream than the last. Like the type of dream where you can't tell if your dreaming of if it actually happened. She still reflected age, now looking around 14 with the same attire. She was sitting on my floor eating cat food while just staring at me with her blacked out eyes.

Since then I've noticed my closet door would open seemingly by its self. The door isn't easy to open so its take a bit of force to open and shut it so I know it can't be one of my cats. And with my cats they would stand and stare at the door. I would also occasionally hear scratching behind it, when I know nothing is in there because I always make sure the cats are out. Inside is also the only entrance to the attic (that no one goes in or ever opens) where I found some of the pink insulation on the floor. I don't know if the last events are connected but I still think it's strange. I'm not sure if this is all some strange dream that I'm misremembering or if some spirit attached itself to me from previous house and is still following me. Does anyone know what this means?

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Subject11 (9 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-07)
Some people are free to explore but some people have spirits that the other world wants to consume. When you turn your head in your dreams to catch a spirit that spirit is trying to manipulate and take a piece of you. For example I would dream of my father driving me in a car, but being use to these dreams I would say, I know you, you're not my dad... And all of the sudden I am in the front seat driving and I fully turn my head back around to see a sneering smile from a grimacing spirit that is not my dad. I caught it again. You keep catching it because your spirit is string and you are fighting to save yourself from it.
ufw57 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-12-20)
It's your mum. Yes a past life, people are identical in nature not in the mirror. Lol ("Why?"). Your mum is an element that's why yall move without being scared.

Some brave people I swear.

("Yea kinder like a past life thing... Like way back in the past when the sky was green instead of blue, trees had teeth & at the food chain the monkey was us.").

If you don't feed her food she will eat you.

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