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I have the ability to see the other side and can communicate with them. I also in the past two days have given people readings (I have never done before) and was bang on on what was said to them. I have never read books about this and today after what I have it's time to contact someone who can give me direction on what to do. I also have contact with not too nice spirits. This is why I stopped practicing or a while. I have marks on my body from them. I have photos. And I have had this power since young. All of it. Now is there someone who can give me advice to move forward with this power I have. Please contact me thank you in advance.

So I start ready these people on line and it just opened up and I could see everything they went through and who was there beside them and what was going on or was holding them back or pushing them forward or one her children were always the first thing I sen always. I could see all of them. And told her about them. That's how it started and I have never had that ability before. I could always see the dead before. I engaged with the dark spirits and always had a safe place in my bed room. But one night thy entered and left marks on my arm. So that's when I decided to take a break. I'm back stronger then before. No I can read. Also see and one other thing. I have moved homes and I have to lock my door at night. I have had them on top of me twice I. The night. And locking the door helps. But I can hear them out side the door every night. So thanks again. I would like to take this to the next level.

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jboarder (1 stories) (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-30)
So here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from demonic presence. Don't ever forget you are more powerful than they are. Stand your ground and help them move to the other side. Use your spirit guides to help them go to the light. Clear yourself and your space every day. Call in Archangel Michael to put a white light of protection around you. After you have cleared out your space and only until it's gone salt the perimeter of your house. But only do this if they are gone or you'll lock them inside. My biggest advice to you is DO NOT FORGET your power. We are more powerful than them always. I've moved demonic presence from homes n people several times. They should not ever touch you and leave marks. If you need help. Please don't hesitate to email at jrraine [at] Good luck and stay safe.
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
I have a lot going on myself so I'm afraid I'm not the one you're looking for to help on your journey, I'm not a teacher. However, I'd look into shielding yourself. You can use energy to act as a barrier from unwanted, "guests". I'd also be careful with who you connect to, a connection is a two way street not just one way, I'd just keep that in mind. Plus like in my case you probably wouldn't want to see everything with it:p The first step is to protect yourself, learn to shield, and be careful with who you connect with. Then after that you can look for a teacher to help you develop and grow more in your own abilities, safety comes first.
~ Lyro
Rettmom (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-23)
Be at peace and understand that gifts are given for a reason. Also, gifts are never given without some kind of price - so they are both gift and burden.
As to feeling attacks, make yourself safe with blessings and meditation, drawing positive energies into yourself for protection. Locking a bedroom door is a good way to give you additional confidence of safety from attacks, but it will only go so far since you are talking about things on an emotional / spiritual / quantum level. This is why you should bless yourself, or be blessed by a trusted person of your faith path.

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