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Real Shadow Person?


Last summer, when I was still experiencing supernatural stuff I dream about plenty of things such as portals to other worlds and other entities and even made some friends with them together with cousin and two of our neighbors. I had a dream somewhere at that time. I dreamt that my house was destroyed and had some fire inside of it too, me and my sister evacuated but before I went out I went back inside the house to save my dream journal but instead of doing that I took another notebook that I own. I passed by my mom's room and saw a long white candle stuck on the table I went inside and I just somehow knew that an entities soul was trapped inside the notebook, I had the urge to burn the notebook but then I saw the entity begging me to not burn it for he will die, that entity had a very deep male voice and he looked like a black figure with two white oval eyes and long fingers.

I pitied him so I gave him a second chance but I jokingly put the notebook near the the fire and he would be frantic about it but I accidentally put the notebook too near the fire and a small tip of it was caught on fire and I immediately put it out by stepping on it.

A few days after the dream I told my cousin and she freaked out on me. We had another entity who was our friend and he told her that the shadow person that I saw in the dream was his enemy and it was some kind of trial or test for me but I messed up for saving him thus my cousin scolding me and I felt really bad. Another few days had passed and I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw at the corner of the room that shadow person in my dream, just standing there but now I noticed that he had antlers or branch-like horns on his head, terrified I shut my eyes and went back to sleep. The next night I woke up again and I saw the shadow person again but this time he's a few inches closer to me now. He crouched down and tilted his head to the left, I was paralyzed with fear I couldn't move, I was scared that if I move he might do something so I just shut my eyes and hope that he will go away and prayed a little, while my eyes were clothes I heard scratching noises on the floor which made me even more scared, after a few minutes have passed I opened my eyes again and he was gone and he never showed up again.

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littlemissBlankeyes (4 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-25)
avi and berellic,

Thank you for the meaningfull comments, I have already knew the morals of playing with such things and they never showed up again. The entity that was my friend was lying to me for kicks and I knew it and drove him away and he is angry at me but I did had a dream that he was rather patient with me and was willing to talk about it but it just stopped.

Anyway I'm getting off topic I know what youe getting at and thank you for the advice
Avi (16 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-23)
Never give the evil an ounce of your energy or emotion (such as fear, pity, anger)...they will use this against you, turning you into a life-source for them. Just remember, any entity that takes on the form of a black shadow is 'always' evil. The shadow you saw was definitely some sort of demon, if not satan himself. Honestly, I would question the origin of other entity, as well. They might be trying to deceive you into believing they are your friend in order to lure you in. I have a bad feeling that you are dabbling into things you are not yet equipped to handle, nor understand. I was that person once, and I almost lost myself.

I highly encourage you to check out my blog & learn to see deep reality. Perhaps it might save you from making a lot of the mistakes I made...


Be safe and keep praying to God and Jesus for protection, should you ever see those entities again.
Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-15)
[at] littlemissblankeyes, I would advise to not ever attempt to entertain any spiritual beings because there are things out there that do deceive and I just would like you to be safe. It seems like you have encountered something demonic that has attacked you and attached itself to you so that it will feed of your fear. Even though you may not see these beings besides dream experiences - they are there spiritually always watching even if we try not to think about it.

Just as another human soul we should not be subjected to fear and darkness to enslave us to their biding. You are stronger than this and you can fight back. I want to help you become stronger so that you can protect yourself and others from dark beings like this.

Ubcr rkvfgf jvguva gehgu naq yvtug ❤

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