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Particular Feeling In Dreams As Well As Real Life


I've come here sort of as a last resort, to gather information on a particular emotion, or feeling, I experience in waking life and in my dreams.

Let me start with some background information: my dreams and I have always been close. Without much practice I am able to easily control and remember many dreams. For me, remembering the next morning is the easiest part. If I am actively attempting to remember my dreams for several nights in a row, I can usually remember several dreams per night. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to practice these dream skills as much as I'd like to.

Apart from my dreams being wildly vivid, there is a certain constant state of emotion I possess during dreaming that makes remembering easier. It is like bliss, but subtler. It is what I imagine peace should feel like, if this makes any sense. Being outside in dream allows this emotion to shine, and I feel best this way.

I am able to recreate this feeling only momentarily in waking life. Similar to meditating, I must concentrate on my surroundings to achieve some sort of objectivity, as if I'm seeing a room I've never seen before. Closing my eyes isn't helpful: I must be visually present in the room. Doing this takes a lot of concentration and general calmness which isn't readily available in my life.

Atmospheric additives help, if only slightly. Things like a snowy day and atmospheric music help a ton if I'm not already pretty stressed out.

I'm hoping someone well versed in dreams, or meditation, can help me figure out what is happening, if anything! This emotion I describe feels so peculiar that I find myself thinking about it often, and my searching for answers has been futile.

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