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Astral Spider Experience


For the past couple of years I've experienced seeing large shadows of spiders in my peripheral vision. They only occur when I'm laying in bed, with the lights off. I can be wide awake or half asleep and time and time again I would see 2 to 5 of them crawling across my floor towards my window next to my bed. They would be blacker than black, tarantula-shaped and about the size of small rabbits.

I've looked up on the internet about these visions and how they're often called Astral spiders. Knowing that I'm not alone with this particular experience put my mind at peace in a way. I hadn't experienced seeing them in a few months until last night.

I woke up abruptly from a menacing dream. I regularly have extremely realistic dreams, often nightmarish with different entities, spirits etc. So, when I woke up, I saw, for the first time, a spider in my direct vision. It wasn't black this time. It was a yellow/ brown colour and it's body almost resembled a spider crab, but hairy. I was looking directly at it and it was in the centre of my door, not the floor this time. This is the first time I've seen it in direct vision and also the first time not being on my floor.

It was almost like it noticed me looking at it and then carried on crawling down the door slowly, in a sort of waving motion until it reached the floor. That was when I kept rubbing my eyes, thinking I had truly lost it... But I looked back and it was still there sat on the floor by the door. And then it just vanished. Almost as if it had sunk into the carpet.

I had to get up to turn my light on (the time was about 20 minutes past midnight) and I honestly couldn't believe what I saw. It was very frightening as this particular experience was new to me and different from my previous interactions with these spiders. I have been completely drained all day and am now wondering where and when I will next see these spiders.

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Manuela (guest)
5 years ago (2019-01-26)
Hi BeccaJ23

You're already familiar with 'astral spiders' and experiences of others. See also if there was something significant happening in your life in that period of seeing them or you've had tough time. These kinds of entities are also lurking when one is more 'vulnerable'.
Once I was half-awake and then I noticed a tarantula (huge one) on my face, which just stood there. Since it was annoying, it made me become fully aware and then it disappeared. My gut was already leading me in certain direction regarding the explanation + a little bit of research and I just knew it was a warning message about one certain person whom I should not trust, and that engaging myself with that person was not a direction where my energy was supposed to go.
Not going into details now, this is just an example of all kinds of possibilities.
Anyway, don't be afraid, fear only makes it worse and clouds your judgement. You could work on raising your vibration in order to protect yourself better. You've already got some advises, so I'll add chakra cleansing, meditation, visualization of a protective shield around you... Find a method which suits you best and you feel most comfortable with.

Kind regards,
satturnine (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-25)
These are low astral level energy feeders with the potential of opening the way to more serious negative entities
They use fear and a 'bite' that causes sleep paralysis and amnesia
Fortunately you are able to perceive them
That makes them wary of you
The best way of dealing with them is with lucid dreaming (which apparently you already have knack for)
Be fearless and show them no mercy
If you're not an adept at dreaming then you need to do a cleansing (blessing) and ask for divine protection
Don't take this lightly
Small things can turn big
But don't freak on it either
Nothing has the right to enter ones space
Use that for courage

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