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I Saw An Astral Fireball Which Was A Spirit Of A Little Girl


On Valentine's Day, I was celebrating with my girlfriend. Me and my friends planned a romantic date for our girlfriends and as I mentioned in the previous story and I was confused and I needed a relaxation to calm my mind so as the Valentine's Day was here it was the great opportunity to calm myself down so I was really excited for 14th February! We all watched a movie together with our girlfriends as a group and after that we planned a romantic dinner for our girlfriends so we booked some rooms of a nearby Motel and told them to serve the food in the room and to decorate it beautifully and it was a lovely surprise for our girlfriends! Everything was going okay but then as we both were alone in our motel room in a romantic mood, I did not expected to see that thing. My girlfriend hugged me tightly after a romantic conversation but as she hugged me I saw a fireball type thing floating behind her! It was blueish white and it was moving crazily! It was moving Up-down, left-Right and round and round! As I saw it I quickly realized that she will not be able to see it and it was difficult for me to hold my reaction but I held it because if I reacted then she would definitely be getting angry and an angry girlfriend on Valentine's Day means Breakup! So I held my reaction and I just closed my eyes tightly that I don't want to see that thing! Why is it here! I hugged her tightly and after she released me from her arms I was looking at that floating lightbulb thing and she asked " what's behind?" And turned but she showed no reaction as if that thing is not there! I said nothing just looking at the wall and she just said okay and giggled and held my hand and we both sat at the chairs in front of the dinner table and that thing started moving around us I was frightened that if I showed any reaction then she would be going crazy but I just looked into her eyes and as she is very talkative she started talking and I was really not listening because I was just trying to ignore that thing! Then the servant knocked the door and my girlfriend stood up to open the door and that thing started "dancing" in front of me again! I was confused and irritated! Then the servant came in with food and he placed the plates on the table and by that time that thing moved upwards and started rotating around us! When the servant was gone I was looking into her eyes and wondering about that terrifying thought that if my breakup happened because of that thing then what will I do! Then as I was looking into her eyed that thing came in between my vision and to avoid my expressions from changing I quickly took off my glasses (my eyes are weak) and lowered my head and started wiping the lenses as if I was cleaning them and I asked her to serve for me and that thing was still there! Imagine that guys! You are sitting on the dinner table with your loved one on valentine's day and a dancing lightbulb thing came in between your romantic date and only you can see it! As she was serving I lowered my head and she really didn't noticed the tension on my face as her mood was too romantic! Then that thing now started "dancing" in front of us! I just joined my hands and said in my mind that " Whatever you are please just go away and don't spoil my evening!" And then as I looked up that thing was moving away and it went out of a window behind her and I sighed! She asked smiling that "what were you doing?" I just said that I was praying for her! After that the fireball thing didn't appeared in between our evening.

Later when I was back home late at night my patents were sleeping and I was really happy and tired so I just sat down on the sofa and I was remembering about the movie and the dinner then that fireball's thought struck me I felt confused that what was it? And after thinking for some minutes and finding no answer I went into the kitchen drank water and then I went into my room and slept after changing clothes. As I mentioned in my previous story that I hear voices calling me in the night that come from the temple of my house, the voices started coming and I woke up and stood in front of the temple for few seconds but as I turned to go back I saw that thing 'dancing' in front of me again! I was shocked to see that thing! I felt irritated that why me and what is it! Then I stood in front of that dancing fireball and asked that what are you and what do you want from me! And then... The thing stoped dancing and stood still in front of my eyes and then I heard... I heard a little

Girl giggling and I heard many voices in my ear including voice of cries and sanskrit chants that are chanted when someone is dead and after that the voice I heard was a big crash! Then I felt a positive vibe so strong that I actually closed my eyes and breathed deeply... After that my mind was totally calm as if I am in a state of meditation, I closed my eyes and then I felt a sensation on my forehead just in the middle of my eyebrows. After that I saw a girl. She was barely 5 to 6 yro and it was like a projection on my closed eye lids! Then suddenly I started hearing voices of an infant crying and bright lights were flashing in front of me! After that it was like watching a movie with eyes closed! I came to know that the fireball was actually a spirit of a little girl named 'Sakshi' who unfortunately died in a car accident and her soul was so attached to her family and especially her mother that she started searching for her house to go back to her mother and her condolences were not done properly because of the idiot priest! In hinduism we burn the dead body and the ashes of wood and skin are dispersed into the Holy Yamuna River and the remains of bones are dispersed in the Holy Ganga which is said to be the purest river in hinduism and the bones are called 'Asthi' and the soul is said to reside in the Asthi before being dispersed into the River and we have to perform many rituals for the spirit to stay calm and go to heaven through the Holy Ganga but if these rituals are not done properly then there is a high possibility that the soul will not go to lord but will start to search for his home to go back to his loved ones and that's what happened to that cute little girl she was not able to believe that she is dead and she just wanted to go back to her mother but its said that if soul goes back to his home then it brings misfortune to that family and the rage of the god of Death because it is regarded as his insult! So it is said that the someone should guide the soul that its not limited to one body but he is infinite and a divine creation of lord! In hinduism there is a complex cycle of lives and deaths and one soul reincarnates many times and it is based on the karma of the person that what will he become in his next life and if the person is a great devotee of lord and his life was full of good deeds then his soul attains 'moksha' that is to become free of all the mortal sufferings by being free of this complex cycle of endless sufferings and to serve the supreme lord krishna for eternity! That soul of the girl was seeking help that please take me to my home but I asked 'why do you want to ho back to your home? Who are you? You are a soul! An eternal soul! You were never dead my dear everything is fine just your body died! As stated in the gita by lord krishna himself that "a soul is my divine creation which can't die! Its immortal and eternal! Fire can't burn a soul! Water can't drown a soul! Sword can't cut a soul its just the body which is affected by theese things just like a human changes clothes a soul changes bodies and it should not be affected by any sorrow of death!" And you are a soul and you can't die you belong to krishna and remember about your previous incarnations! You have died many times then why are you not accepting your death in this incarnation! You want to go to your home but that is not your home dear it was the home of you body but you are a soul and your home is in the feet of krishna! Accept the truth that you are dead and you are not 6 yro! It was your body which was that old but you are much older than that! Accept the truth because a ugly truth is much better than a beautiful lie! You are divine and intelligent and you are a whole universe from inside as stated in the vedas that "the soul is the controller of the body and is intelligent and divine just like a whole Universe! 'Ahm Bhramasmi' I am The Universe! The being should remember that he is not limited to one body but he is actually

a soul which is like a internal universe and should explore his own self!" And you are a soul! I am a soul but only difference is that I have a body but you don't have it so you should go back to Krishna! He who created you and he who gave you a body and you should go to him and ask for a new body or maybe he wants you to serve him for eternity and to be free of all the mortal sufferings my dear! Just go back and realise who you are!' After speaking theese things my body was full of energy and it was such a great experience! I heard that girl laughing and then that fireball started to shrink! Well she wad shrinking back to her original size as it is stated in the gita that size of a soul is equal to the size of the 10th part of the tip of a hair strand! Or she was always in her original size and I was able to see her as a astral fireball because krishna wanted that! I don't know but I know that now she is in peace and her soul is calm now! After she vanished I bowed in front of krishna and thanked him that he chose me to conduct such a great deed! I drank the holy water of river ganga and went back to sleep and I never slept such a beautiful sleep! I am a clarvoyant and a claraudient and I will experience more things like this! I am blessed to have such Abilities! I wrote this story again because I submitted it on 15th feburary but they did not published it because of spelling errors and I just edited the previous one to meet the guidelines that is why it delayed to be published. Please let me know that what do you think about my abilities and experiences in the comments!

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Melda (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-11)
Mayank - Having read both your submissions I get the impression that although you are a young person, you have an old soul and have probably spent a number of lifetimes on this planet.

Do you think that perhaps your first experience with the fireball and the second experience with the lady might be connected? I cannot make that assumption but would be pleased to hear your thoughts.

It is extremely difficult for me to advise you on either of your experiences because although I have had many paranormal experiences since childhood, they have been very different from yours. I am open to each and every person's religious belief system but I think at times what we personally believe affects us differently. I am open to discussion on this.

What I can tell you is that after a very scary childhood, due to my own paranormal experiences, I attempted to shut myself off from everything supernatural. I did succeed to a certain extent for a number of years but then it all returned again with a vengeance.

I believe you need spiritual guidance and advice from those who are experienced and able to give you the correct guidance with what you experience.

Also always believe in your own power and especially that of your supreme being.

Regards, Melda
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-28)
It's good that you appreciate your parents and don't want them to worry. Still, there may come a time in the future when you need to confide in them. Whatever happens, it is of course your decision. But remember, being your parents, they will always worry about you. My Mum is in her 80s and she still worries about everyone. That's Mum - God bless her!

I'm no expert in the Third Eye or Chakras, but I've found some information on the Third Eye, plus experiences of others from this site. Hopefully they may lead you in the right direction and be useful for others as well:

Perhaps you should be cautious and practice baby steps first. But above all, please be Safe and Well. ๐Ÿ˜
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
No I have not shared it with my family because I don't want them to be worried. I told my spiritual guide to not tell them. Our parents do everything for us and they look after our each and every need and want and the pressure which we as children put on our parents is very intense and if I told them about seeing theese things then they will get worried and I don't want that! My age is of making my carrer and at this age I am seeing things and hearing voices so if my parents came to know about it then they will be worried for me and my carrer and this whole year and the upcoming year I have to prepare for my enterance exams of the Indian Army and I will be going to different places to learn martial arts and militiary dicipline so my parents will be a lot of worried for me and the pressure on them will increase! They care about my each and every need and want and god knows that how much hard work they do and how much are they struggling to take care of all this! I really don't want to trouble them so its best to keep my abilities as a secret for some time๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
Thank you jubeele! I sent you one more e mail with my pic in it๐Ÿ˜Š thank you for your comment๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ‘
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
Hi Mayank, it must have been awkward, trying not to ruin the mood of a romantic dinner and the fireball was just there and happening in front of you. Pity you couldn't simply tell your girlfriend about the fireball. Maybe someday you might be able to share such things with her. Have you shared your experience with your family? What did they say about it?

Some of my relatives are Buddhists and I grew up hearing about reincarnation. I do believe that our souls continue on after the passing of our earthly bodies. However, I also believe we should all do the best we can in our current existence.

I wonder if the sensation on your forehead is related to the position of our Third Eye Chakra. That's something you can discuss further with your family priest. His spiritual guidance and experience will be invaluable as you're learning more about yourself.

May you grow in Grace and Wisdom. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-27)
I am glad to have such abilities! It is my gift from god! I love to hear voices and to see theese help seeking spirits! It was my first phychic experience and I am sure that I will experience more of them and I will share them here with all of you๐Ÿ˜‡ in past few days I also encountered negative enteties but I am not afraid of them so I just pray to god and ignore them and sometimes I enchant mantras to drive them away and they run away๐Ÿ˜‚ crazy entities they are notthing in front of lord krishna! I am lucky to have theese powers and I will love your comments about my experience and your suggestion about guiding me! Please comment and suggest me that how can I strenghten myself?
I will love your comments guys!๐Ÿ˜‰

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