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I Saw One More Spirit Who Seeked Help And Peace


When I went on my holidays to meet some relatives but I never expected that I will encounter another help seeking spirit. For safety and legal reasons, I am not able to disclose any names but I will tell what details I can about the experience.

On 7th April, when I arrived in Mumbai City, I was met by my uncle at the airport. Since his house was far away from the airport and my flight was an hour late, he took a shortcut via the Highway that cut through the woods. Suddenly the tyre of the car got punctured! We both started to replace the tyre then suddenly I felt something.

There was a lot of negative energy coming from the woods but there was a strong positive force too that was attracting my attention. But as no one of my family knows about my experiences, I stopped myself from going towards that positive force. Then I heard many voices. The voices were male but there was a voice of a female screaming.

I asked my uncle that did he hear anything but when he said no, I quickly understood that something was trying to attract my attention. But as my uncle was with me, I was not able to go there, so we replaced the tire and went away.

On that same night, I was woken up by a dream where I saw a dead body of a girl, about 22-23 years of age. Her body was uncovered. The face was badly injured as if someone has beaten her up badly. Her eyes were open wide and there was a tear rolling down her cheek. Her neck was stabbed badly by some kind of pointed object.

I woke up and realised that it was a message to me and something really bad happened over that place. I felt that a spirit needed my help so I got up, drank water, washed my face and started concentrating. I saw the same girl being beaten up by a few men. Among which only one face was clearly visible. They were slapping her and doing other terrible things to her.

After that disturbing vision, I knew that I had to investigate further and especially the face of that girl and that man. His eyes, They were filled with such anger and wickedness.

The next day I contacted some of my friends in Delhi who are crazy about journalism and asked them to help me to find out every bit of news that could be related to my vision. They had helped me to find out about that little girl whom I helped last time. As I knew the site of crime, it was easy for them to find the news. They sent me some reports of different news channels of that area and I found it. I found the face of that evil man. The face of the girl was not given but his face was there along with his two friends who together conducted the crime.

He was a taxi driver who violently assaulted a woman passenger with two of his friends two years ago. They then stabbed her in throat with a screwdriver. The illiterate man who killed her was also the father of a seven year old girl himself. His wife said that he used to drink a lot and was also violent towards her. He used to beat her and her daughter badly and warned her that if she retaliated, he would harm her daughter and her own parents! The neighbours knew about him but no one wanted to mess with him.

It was late that night when this taxi driver picked up the woman at the railway station, who told him she had wanted to go to a hospital. Instead, he turned the car to that same highway and stoped at the same spot where the tyre of my uncle's car got punctured. He and his accomplices had dragged her into the nearby forest where they conducted the crime. Then afraid of the consequences of their actions, they killed her and ran away. But the police caught them the very next morning and all three were charged for rape and murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. They are still in prison.

After reading this story, I decided to connect with her because one question arose in my mind that if the criminals are imprisoned, then what did she wants from me? I decided to connect with her the next day. But at the same night, I woke up and sensed her presence around me and I started to use my ability. I asked her to show herself and that I know everything. Then she asked, "Will you help me? If you don't want to help, then it's okay. I won't bother you again."

I said, "I will help you my dear. It's my duty, please show yourself."

Then I opened my eyes and saw her in front of me in the form of an astral fireball, the same way I saw that little girl last time.

A strong positive force came from her and I was in a state of meditation. I felt strong sensation in the middle of my eyebrows and it was like a movie being played on the screen of my closed eyelids. I saw her life. I felt her. It felt the first touch of her mother's hands. I felt the taste of the first milk that she drank from her mother. I sensed everything. Then I came to know about everything. That night she was coming back from Goa. She went there to attend a friend's wedding but at the day of her arrival her grandmother faced a heart-attack and her father was not able to come to meet her. Her father told her that he will be coming but she said no and asked him to take care of everyone in the hospital and she was coming straight to the hospital. She had walked out of the railway terminus and searched for a taxi where that evil guy saw her.

He walked to her and asked her if she wanted a ride and as she was in a total hurry, she was not able to see the devil in his eyes. Then he told her about the shortcut through the woods and after going there he stopped the car and lied that the petrol of the car is over but told her that he is calling his friend to help him with the petrol but he called his friends who were also animals like him and asked them to take a look at her. They came there, they punched her slapped her and dragged her into the forest. They did bad things to her which I can't even write here. After that they started to argue with each other as they got afraid of the consequences but She was alive and heard everything. She was not even able to move. The mastermind screamed and said to his friends that "ITS NOT OUR FAULT!" Then he ran to his taxi and came back with a screwdriver. His friends stoped him but he said that, "If we didn't killed her then we would be finished!"

Then he stabbed her throat multiple times and ran away, But she was still alive for entire 3 minutes! In those three minutes she only thought about revenge. She wanted to kill them! As revenge is a negative feeling, negative forces surrounded her. But there was a strong protective force which was stopping her from becoming evil. Her condolences were not done properly because her family had been busy in fighting for justice. As a result, her spirit stayed there until 7th April 2018 when I arrived there. She sensed me and came with me.

I opened my eyes and told her that the evil men are in prison but she said that imprisonment was not enough for them. She wanted revenge by killing them and wanted my help for that task.

But I said, "So that's it! You want to be like them! You want to be a beast just like them!"

She said, "No! I don't! I am not like them!"

Then I said, "Then why are you talking about revenge? What will be the difference between you and them if you killed them? I know that imprisonment is not enough for them but killing is not the option. They don't deserve to be killed by you and you don't deserve to go to hell by killing them. Always remember that when we try to burn others, it's our own hands which burn first! You deserve heaven! And they will burn in hell! Think about it, A life in prison and an eternal afterlife in hell. That's what they deserve. Look at yourself, dear. Who are you? Think about yourself!"

She asked, "Who am I?"

I answered, "You are a soul, my dear. You are a child of god. You are eternal. You died many times and you were born again many times but the fact is that it was only your body which who died. You cannot die and you cannot grow old even. You are immortal. As stated in the Gita, swords can't cut you! Water can't drown you and fire can't burn you. It was only your body who died several times but you never died. You are a divine creation of god and you are an entire universe from inside. God is Inside you. Don't worry about those animals. God will look after them as he stated in the Gita that 'I am in Wind! I am in water! I m in the source of everything and am inside everything! I am in animals! I am in plants and its only me who is inside the rocks! I am in you Arjun! And I will avenge your insult! The kauravas have not just done wrong to you but they did wrong to me too! I will avenge you because it is not just your insult but my insult too!' In the same way! Those animals didn't did wrong to you only but they did wrong to Lord Krishna too. Don't worry about them! Krishna will punish them! He wants to end your sufferings! I think that it was his intention that the tire of the car got punctured in the same area! It was he who sent this powerful positive energy to protect you from negativity! Remember about yourself! Remember about your previous incarnations! I pray to that Protecting positive energy to help you in remembering about them!"

After that my eyes got closed and a beautiful fragrance filled the room. Then I saw. I saw all of her incarnations! I felt them! They were many! She was born many times as animals, plants, insects and humans! The most beautiful was of a butterfly! I felt that beautiful feeling of staying and growing inside the cocoon and that of coming out of it! I felt the joy of the first flight! It was a very beautiful experience! My eyes were still closed and I heard her, She asked, "Can I hug you?"

I answered, "Yes you can" My eyes were filled with tears then I felt that someone was actually hugging me and I was holding someone in my arms!

Then she said in my ears in a whispering voice that, "I don't know whether I will attain Moksha or I will be given birth again. But if I attained moksha, then I will request god to give moksha to you too so that I will be able to meet you again but If I am given birth again then I want to become a human once again and I want to meet you brother! If this happened then you will recognize me after seeing me. You are a really good person. Take care of yourself. Best of luck for your life and thank you!"

After that she just cried and we both were crying. We hugged tightly for several minutes and when I opened my eyes, nothing was there except that heavenly fragrance. Now I feel that the same protective energy is guarding me now. It is with me now!

This was my latest experience. I am sorry I can't tell the name of the criminals or of that girl because of safety and privacy reasons. Please let me know in the comments below that what you think about my latest experience! Each and every comment is most welcome!

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Klarlak (2 stories) (13 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-05)
I just happened to stumbled over here now unfortunately. Damn that's intense. I also like you have spirits flocking around and yes they are seeking help to get some things done here. It's just, unlike you I don't want to get involved. I've been seeing things since I was a little kid, but then it's just lately they come and go. My aura is changing too, from deep violet to many colours (sun yellow, bright green, white, silver, sometimes gold) not sure if this means anything, just kind of hope you know things more than I do.
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
Thank u ThulsaDune and Julia For your comments! I understand you little bit thulsa! I will take more precautions from now and you know what! Every morning that I wake up, I smell that same fragrance which filled the room tat time! It fills me with joy and energy! I will take more precautions and I will watch that movie๐Ÿ˜Š
I am not a horror movie watching type of guy actually๐Ÿ˜…
I like martial arts and I watch movies of Bruce Lee and Jet Lee!
Jackie is also good but I don't like him that much but still he is good!
Dimensions? This sounds cool!๐Ÿ˜
I will think about that! Thank for the comments both of you!
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-12)
Mayank, I really feel terrible for that poor woman. How she must have suffered. Her family must be filled with such grief at her tragic death. It would have been so easy for her spirit to succumb to anger and revenge. Then the tragedy would have been increased because she wouldn't have been able to find peace after that.

It was good that she was able to reach out to you and be heard. I'm glad she was able to find peace. Who knows, maybe someday you may be able to meet again on some other plane of existence.

Perhaps you should confide in your family about your gift. Is there someone close to you whom you can trust? I'm concerned that if you're sensing real-life events that are fairly current, you may need support and backup. Do take care. Be safe and well. ๐Ÿ˜Š
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-12)
Hi Mayank3102,
This as a very interesting experience. I think its wonderful that you got to enjoy it and that it came to a positive conclusion. I am glad that you could interact so intimately with this spirit. I think that you have illustrated many things in your story that we all can learn from and take away our own little piece.

I think it is interesting that you experienced a little of the negativity and dark side that could have manifested from this spirit. This paints a picture of what I have been trying to caution many psychics about in the past.

I am glad that you were able to sit up and take notice of the true motivation or first intent of what the spirit wanted you to help her do. I am Glad that you could help her recognize the positive path that she should take before things got worse. Many psychics have been misled or fooled into doing foolish things that led them down a dark path without them realizing what happened.

I kind of get the impression that you like I, am what I describe as a traveler. Some call it having an out of body experience or remote viewing. People can call it whatever they like it does not really matter. I think that you can look or travel beyond the veil or boundary between dimensions.

I would like to teach or impart a warning for the future, and please don't take offense. I only want to help protect you and others like us. I am 50 years old and speaking from years of experience.

When we travel or pass astrally beyond this dimensional boundary or barrier we are at risk. We lose our natural protection that GOD has put here for us. Our spirit, or Soul is filled with a brilliant white light. We are children of light not darkness. Our light is like a beacon to Dark Entities and they are attracted to us like a moth to a flame. As we travel through dimensions we run the risk of coming in contact with them. They would like nothing more than to follow and latch onto us or be brought back into our dimension.

That is why we must actively protect ourselves and cleanse ourselves before and after we attempt to make contact. What people don't realize is that these dark or negative entities basically reside with us.

What I mean is that they take up the same space with us on earth in a parallel dimension with the veil or boundary between us. We must pass through their dimension on the way to others. They can not cross into our dimension or world without help or invitation. So know that they are waiting for us out there and don't take chances without preparing first. It is too easy for people to become influenced.

I don't normally agree with or endorse anything Hollywood put's out, but there is one movie that got it accurate. Whoever wrote the script or produced it must have talked to a real psychic. It is the movie Constantine starring Keanu Reeves from 2005. That movie has such an accurate depiction of things on the other side that I have seen that it is incredible.

That movie is the best example or narrative that I can think of to paint a picture of what is really there.

Sorry about the rambling, but I just want you to stay safe. I am not saying that you are not taking precautions, but with age comes wisdom. As time goes by you will understand me more and more. I hope the best for you and I applaud your path. Just take it easy and be careful. ๐Ÿ˜

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