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An Encounter During The Train Journey


A day before my departure from the city of Mumbai where I went for holidays, I heard voices just before sleeping which said 'Good Luck For Tomorrow' and the voices were just like the ones who used to call me from the temple. I was little confused about the message because travelling back to home is not a big deal and who wishes good luck for that!

I was travelling back through train with my mother and my little brother and a train journey from mumbai to delhi takes approximately 20 hours but in those 20 hours I realised the meaning of those voices and that good luck message.

The train was on 19th of June and everything was going okay but in the evening the train stoped at the station of Surat which is in Gujrat and I went out of the train to buy a packet of chips for my brother but I started to sense vibes and energies from the tracks ahead of me and I was attracted to them as if they are calling me! The vibes were positive but I sensed a amount of negativity too. I turned my head towards that place and I saw a streak of bright white light on the tracks! I was not able to go there because my train was about to depart and the place where I saw the light was actually far from the stall.

The train started moving and when it reached the place where I sensed those energies, I saw an arm reaching out to me from the corner of my eye! I ignored it for the time being but after some time I took a nap and during the sleep I saw... I saw a man's dead body on the train tracks and it was very disturbing because the body was cutted! It was soo severly injured that the waist and the thighs were detached from the rest of the body! I woke up and I realised that it is one more spirit and he died in a painful train accident.

I reached delhi on 8 am the next day and we reached our home. We all had food and we decided to sleep because we were very tired and we hardly slept in the train, My father was also at home and he also decided to sleep because he had an headace. We all slept but after some time I had that vision again, I sensed vibes in my room and I realised that the spirit is here. I stood up and told him to show himself and I saw him in the form of a floating astral Fireball! He introduced himself to me but I am not going to mention his name because of privacy reasons but before we started talking my little brother came into the room screaming that 'THANOS IS ABOUT TO GET DEFEATED! HELP ME IN DOING THAT! FAST!' My mother's phone was in his hand and he interrupted us! I turned my head to the side where the spirit was floating and I saw that he is gone. Usually the spirits I see want to talk to me when I am alone and I realised that he will come back when I am alone and no one is there to interrupt! I was not alone after that for the whole evening because I was also engaged in the game with my brother and after that my parents woke up and we started cleaning the kitchen, the house was dirty because me, my mother and my brother were in Mumbai and my father went to a Family Friend's home to stay and the house was left alone for almost 2 months so you guys can imagine the amount of dirt!

Later that evening we had a heavy dinner and we slept but after some time I was woken up by the same voices from the temple of my house and there I saw him again!

I said 'hey! So, We were discussing something right!'

He said, 'i want to talk to you! I need your help! And I don't want anyone to interrupt!'

I said, 'relax buddy! It's okay! No one will interrupt! How can I help u?'

He said, 'i want u to take me back home! I lived in surat! Take me back!'

I said, 'relax! Tell me what happened first.'

Then vibes came from him and my eyes automatically got closed and I saw his life like a movie on the screen of my closed eyelids. He was a educated and hard working guy, he was married and had a little 1yro kid too! He was poor but he got a well paid job and he started to think that now its the end of there poverty. He loved his wife, child and his old mother a lot and he wanted to give his son a good life and absolutely not like the life which he lived when he was young. He worked very hard to earn money and he impressed his boss with his hard work too! His boss gave him a bonus and after that he got very excited because he was able to fulfill his dream of giving a good life to his wife and child, but then he started to work overtime to earn more and more money. He used to work so hard that his sleep was being compromised, he had the problem of headache and dizziness too. His wife stopped him from working so hard but he was driven by his love and the feeling to keep his family members happy. Then one day he worked overtime for too late and the phone call of his wife came telling him to come back home fast because its too late and he packed his things and he was already too tired! He didn't got any vehicle to go back home so he decided to walk all the way back to his home! Walking made him more tired. His house was across the railway station and now he had 2 options, 1) to walk all the way around the station or 2) to take the risk of crossing the tracks to save time and energy! He chose the second option but then as he reached the tracks he started to feel dizzy and he fainted. After a few minutes of his fainting a train came and crossed over him but he didn't died. He was alive for 2 minutes and he died because of the severe injuries and heavy bleeding on the train tracks but in those 2 minutes he thought 'i m going to die! No! What about my son! What about my wife! No! I can't die like this! How can I die like this! No!' He started mourning for his death before actually dying and due to this negativity surrounded him and made him to mourn for his death more and more! The forces made him feel guilty and made him more sad! His condolences were not done properly because his relatives were not that religious but his mother was the only one who was religious but she was shocked and she was mourning for the unexpected death of her son.

I opened my eyes and he said, 'How can I die like this! I can't die! Please take me back to my home! I want to meet my wife and my child! I want to meet my mother! I want to hug them all! I love them! Take me back!'

I said, 'please relax! I know that you love them all but you can't go back to them because you are dead!'

Before I finish my sentence he interrupted that 'No! I had so many things to do for my family! I can't die! I am not dead!'

I said, 'listen to me first! Let me complete my sentence first okay! I was saying that your body is dead but you are alive and I know that your body had many things to do but you don't have them because your body is no more!'

Then he said, 'my body is dead but I m alive? What do you mean! I don't know anything! Just take me back!'

I said, 'by saying that your body is dead but you are alive I mean that you are a soul and you are immortal! As stated in the Gita.'

He interrupted again, 'i don't know these things! I just want to go back to my home! Take me back!'

I was annoyed but I said, 'relax and try to understand what I am saying!'

He said, 'i don't want to listen to anything! I just want to go back to my home! Take me back to my home!'

I was literally annoyed! He started to irritate me! I said, 'wait! Stay right here! Dont go anywhere! I m just coming!' I went to the kitchen and drank water and in my head it was going on that what can I do with this guy!

I came back and said to him that 'so do you want my help or not!'

He said, 'yes I do want your help!'

I said, 'for what!'

He said, 'to take me back to my home!'

I said, 'so you expect that I will go all the way to Surat with you spending the precious money of my parents and my precious time! I m sorry but no! This can't happen! I am not going to do that! I can help you and I want to help you but this is not the way!'

He said screaming, 'then what is the way! I want to go back to my family! Why Cant you take me back there!?'

I was literally irritated by him and I was angry too and I said, 'I am not going to take you back to your home! And mind your language! I am not going to take orders from you! I am not going to tolerate your bad behaviour! If You want my help then listen to what I am saying! If you don't want to listen to me then you are insulting me! And if you continued insulting me then I am not going to help you so go away and find someone else!'

He said in a apologetic manner, 'i don't mean to insult you! I'm sorry!'

I said, 'Are you ready to listen or not?'

He said, 'okay I m ready to listen to you.'

I said, 'okay! So, please answer me that what will you do if your clothes get torn up?'

He said, 'what?'

I said, 'i m asking a simple question man! Come on! What will you do if your clothes got torn up?'

He said, 'i will change the clothes!'

I said, 'That's It! That's what you have to do! You have to change your clothing as your previous "clothes" are torn up! It is stated in the Gita that "A Soul Changes Bodies Just Like a Human Changes Clothes!" You Have to do the same! You have to know yourself! You are not limited to these humanly thoughts! You are not limited to these humanly feelings! Love, attachment, care! These things do matter but for how long? These things belong to the "body" but you are a Soul! You are a divine creation of lord! You are infinite! Stop putting limits to yourself! Stop mourning your own death because you were never dead! Your body died but you are still alive! According to Gita, "Sword Cant Cut a Soul! Fire Cant Burn a Soul! Water can't Drown a soul! A soul is immortal and it can't grow old!" You were never dead!'

He said, 'But What About my family? My son! My Mother! My Wife! What about them!?'

I said, 'dont worry about them! They were not your family!'

He said, 'What!?'

I said, 'What! They Were not your family! They were the family of your body which is no more now! And what is a family? What is a relation? And the most important thing is that for how long does it matters and for how long does it exists?

A relation is basically a role to play! There is a term of the Vedas, "Ahm Bhramasmi" which means, "i am the universe!" It is dedicated to both the human body and the Soul! From the point of view of a Body, this term means that a person lives many lives in one incarnation or you can say that one person plays many roles in one incarnation! These lives or roles are relations! When a child is born then not only a baby is born but the Role or Relation of a mother and a father is also born! Each and every person is actually a traveller and we are continuously travelling from one body to another and we are on our way to Moksha! It is stated in the Vedas that there r 80,00,000 "Yonias" and one "Yoni" comprises of 7 incarnations and these "Yonias" are not species but a characteristic of a particular body for example there is a "Yoni" known as "Nishachar Yoni" and the characteristic of this "Yoni" is that the body stays awake at the night and sleeps in the morning and it comprises of many organisms like Owls and Bats! It depends on the karma that in which "Yoni" are we born and according to this consept all the souls are travelling from one life to another in order to gain Moksha! The eternal Peace! It is given to a Soul after is has travelled all the way from one "Yoni" to another! Now one "Yoni" means 7 incarnations so in total there are more than 56,000,000 Incarnations! There is a short-cut to Moksha too but the thing is that the so called shortcut is more difficult than the whole journey and the shortcut is dedicating your whole life to lord and not just one life but it can cost more than one life too according to your devotion!

So now in this whole journey we are given different roles to play in order to help and guide each in life! These roles are called Relations! A father and a Mother are born with the birth of a child! A person doesn't has one or 2 personalities but he/she has many personalities! Personality of a son, personality of a father, personality of a friend, personality of a lover, personality of a student! All this is basically a chakra of personalities and the real "you" stands in the middle and this "you" is the creator of all these personalities! That "you" is the soul which controls the human body! It is like a whole universe from inside! So many personalities! All these personalities can die but the actual "you" can't die! On the other hand, from the point of view of a soul, one relation doesn't matters to it in fact no relation matters to it because it has the ability to create as many relations as he wants to because he has the power of "Bhrama Jyoti" and that is the divine light of god which empowers the soul! A soul just needs a new body to continue its journey and along its journey all these relations matter as long as the soul is in a living body! Once the body is dead then the soul doesn't belongs to any relation! A soul is not a son! A soul is not a father! A soul is divine! A soul belongs to god and only god has the right over him! I am also a soul but these relations matter to me a lot because I am in a living body and its my duty to take care of these relations! You are not alive and these relations don't matter to you! Stop putting limits on yourself! Stop being carried away by these humanly thoughts and feelings! I respect your care and love for your family but you have to understand that you don't have a family and you belong to GOD! And if you want to take care of your family then go back to heaven and get a new body! By getting a new body you will get a new family to take care for! Open your eyes! Look at the possibilities! You have infinite possibilities in front of you and you are limiting yourself by these humamly thoughts! Go back to lord and try to remember about your previous incarnations! You are born many times and you have died too! Remember that!'

Then I started praying to lord and that heavenly fragrance about whome I mentioned in the previous story filled the room again! I was in a state of meditation and I saw his incarnations and I basically had an out of body experience once again but now I realised that I don't see all the incarnations of a spirit! I see only those incarnations that I m meant or allowed to see! I also think that I am slowly gaining control over them!

After that I opened my eyes and he said, 'You opened my eyes! Thank you for all this! I m sorry to insult you...'

I said, 'its okay! You understood everything now?!'

He said, 'yes I did! Thanks a lot!'

I said,'your Welcome! Now go back to lord! Go back to where you belong and good luck for the next life!'

He said, 'good luck for your life too! Thanks a lot once again!'

Then bright light flashed from him and he disappeared! It was a great experience even though he annoyed me but I also learnt many things about the behaviour of spirits and about my abilities too! And when I was back from the astral travel or out of body experience I felt thirsty and hungry! I felt so thirsty that I drank the whole bottle of water at once! I picked up 2 slices of bread and applied butter on them and had them! They were not enough to quench my hunger but it was the time of night and I didn't ate much because if my mother found out that I was eating bread-butter in the middle of the night then I was doomed!

Thats all about my latest experience! All the comments are welcome and can anyone tell me that why I felt soo hungry and thirsty!?

Thanks a lot for reading my story guys!

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-19)
Hey Mayank3102! I'm currently working on accepting these things and on control. See, I realize that I don't have proper control. When I need it, or feel like I need to do something, I just let go completely. That, drains me of all my energy. So, I'm working on it. Thanks for the advice. I'll try to follow up on that. I too think, that I need some kind of voice or sound to help me focus. Thanks again!
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-19)
Hi CrazyCat! I can understand your pain and I think you should grow your spiritual strength! You should read and learn more and more about your religion and you should meditate more! You should also listen to holy chants of your religion! Well, I am a hindu and I use to listen to many chants like Hanuman Chalisa, Kaal Bhairav Ashtak, Shiv Tandav Stotram, Maha Mrituanjaya Mantra, and etc.

So listen and chant holy stuff and you will slowly grow in strenght and your pain will get healed slowly!
My mail id is Nirvaanbabbar [at]

U can mail me anytime!😇❤️
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-13)
Hi Mayank3102! I think, you used up a lot of or all of your energy. So, maybe that's why you were so thirsty and hungry. I've heard, these kinds of experiences drain you up. Wow, you only get thirsty and hungry. I just get knocked out. The right part of my body hurts really bad and I also get very tired, when anything psychic happens. Something recently happened, I don't know what exactly, but apparently, I used all my reserves or something, cause I was in pain for 2 whole days. I could function but, not as properly as I'd like to. I don't know what's going on really. I've only just begun accepting these things. So, it's weird for me.
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-07)
Hi melda! Thanks for commenting! My spiritual guide is a human!😂 he is 75+ years old (I don't know his exact age)! He was an exorcrist in his young age and he is a really powerful psychic too but He dosent speaks about his abilities! He says that I am "Chosen" and I guess helping spirits is the thing for which I m chosen for!😇
And about Telepathy, Actually I was able to hear him in my ears as if I m talking to a human and I didn't saw him as a astral fireball on both ocasions because when I was on the railway station's tea stall, I saw a bright streak of white light and the place where I was standing was far from the place where he was but then I saw an arm from the corner of my eye! I know one thing that others are not able to hear or see these spirits and I keep my tone as low as I can while talking to them for not to wake my parents up!
Thanks for your comment and your concern!😊
Melda (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-06)
Mayank - Was this man speaking to you "in your mind", ie telepathically? That is the impression that I gain.

Did you see him as a floating astral fireball on both occasions?

You appear to have some very intense spiritual encounters and it does concern me a bit because I wonder whether you are able to cope with all this considering your young age and life experience. You mentioned before that your family has a spiritual guide who does in fact assist you. I'm assuming that this is a human spiritual guide.

I am trying to relate to your experiences but find it difficult as I'm pretty average when it comes to spiritual encounters. Yes I have had a number of encounters but nothing on your kind of level.

I do believe in reincarnation and as I have said to you before, it seems that your soul might have reincarnated many times, which is perhaps one of the reasons you have such heightened abilities. It could also be that you are living this life to assist people, both in a human and spiritual capacity.

Nevertheless, be careful of over-reaching yourself.

Regards, Melda
Mayank3102 (4 stories) (30 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-29)
Hi Julia! Well he was being carried away and manipulated by the negative forces and he shouted on me really badly which indicated anger which showed that he was getting carried away by negativity! If I showed more patience then the forces would be making him more and more angry and that could result in me getting hurted by him! He was too flusterated and he was getting angry because of negativity so I just shouted back to avoide the consequences and I actually triggered his real self! I 'Saw' his whole life and I knew that he is a good person and he never insulted anyone in such a way so I just used this word 'insult' to trigger his actual self which was polite and good in nature and by doing so, the negative forces lost control over his mind and his actual self appeared in front of me and if I didn't did that then he would be getting more angry and hard to tackle and I would never be able to help him and that's a strong possibility of me being hurted by him as negative forces were manipulating him!
He appoligized quickly because in his mind his actual conciousness or you say his real self gained control and it was basically that his actual self said to him that what am I doing? How can I insult someone like this! And then he started to apologize and I tackled him!😇
Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-28)
Hi Mayank

That was a fascinating train journey. I think it's most likely that you saw only an arm at first on the train tracks because the spirit didn't have enough energy to fully form. Once he got your attention, he probably found it easier to reach out to you during your subconscious state.

I had a little chuckle at your little brother running in with the mobile phone game in the middle of your vision. Interrupted by Thanos - that no-good villain!

I felt sorry for that poor man. What a tragic accident. He was still grieving for all he had lost and stubbornly clinging on to his earthly memories. I'm sure he was also afraid of the next step. Under the circumstances, maybe you could have been a little more patient with him. But I'm glad you were able to help send his spirit on to the next stage of his journey.

Interesting information about Vedas and reincarnation. I believe that our bodies are temporary shells that house our life energies, spirits or souls. That is why we can astral travel or have OBEs. Our life force/energy can simply move between one realm and the next. You've certainly given me much to think about.

I think you were hungry and thirsty because you used up a lot of energy astral travelling and reaching out to communicate with the spirit of that man. All that effort meant that you had to refuel afterwards. Maybe you should have a ready supply of food and water with you the next time. Growing teenage boys are always hungry!

Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊

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