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Octopus-like Humanoid - Anybody With This Encounter?


Just a little background info about myself first. I've been able to see (with my mind's eye) and sense entities since I was a child. As far as I can remember, my first encounter with spiritual entities was when I was about 3 years old and it was a very bad and scary one. I will always shiver myself to sleep every night because they were always watching me. They also whispered evil thoughts and made me draw evil stuff. Things that a 3 year old child will never be able to comprehend or do. I was always afraid of being left alone at home when my mum had to go shopping as they would gather around me and there was always noises coming from somewhere in the house even though there weren't anybody around but me. When I was alone at home, I remember hugging the crucifix to my chest while laying down on the couch and shaking with immense fear as I could always see them stand in front of the couch staring at me. I never told anyone about it then for fear of being shamed or disciplined as it was taboo to have encounters with these things. There were always 3 of them and they were always dark shadows with human shapes. My siblings never really believed me when I told them about these entities. Coming from a Catholic background, I always thought they were some sort of demons but that was as far as I knew. I never really knew what they were until only 6 months ago when I begin watching "The Dead Files" and realized they were most likely shadow people. This was the start of my intense interest and heightened awareness of spiritual beings. Since then, I have begun to recall and record all the paranormal experiences that I've had in the past and present.

Coincidentally enough, my encounters with entities has heightened dramatically from that time on. For example two months back, a grey alien appeared in my dream. When I saw it, I was suddenly made aware I was in a dream and knew the alien wasn't part of it. I woke up immediately and the dream was as clear as day and I was able to described with quite intimate detail of it's physique and facial features. At that time, I didn't know much about grey aliens and so was shocked to find on the Internet that this type of alien matched my description. A few weeks later, Reptilians decided to pay me a visit. Once again, I had no foreknowledge of these psychic aliens and their appearance matched exactly to what I could find on the Internet. My encounters with different types of entities and dead people has continued since.

But a week ago, I encountered an entity that looked so ridiculous that I brushed it off as my own imagination. It had a structure of a human: head, torso, two legs but the remarkable difference was it had eight octopus-like tentacles for arms. I couldn't remember how it's face looked like because at that time it seemed so ridiculous to me that I didn't take time to study it. I told my partner about it yesterday and we did some Internet search and only found 1 article citing similar encounters. It was by a Dutch psychic Robbert van den Broeke ( Original article in dutch: The shocking thing was the image he drew of the aliens he saw (at least the arms part which I remembered most vividly in my own encounter) was exactly the same as what I saw!

Apart from Mr Broeke, has anybody out there seen these things too?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
7 years ago (2017-09-01)
We are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a physical shell to live out this life. Higher and parallel dimensions, Just like in the physical universe, hold a multitude of beings. While the physical we are currently restricted to the life forms on this planet, when it comes to other dimensions, we are not. I'm sure there are countless shapes and sizes to these beings, so why not one that looks like an octopus? I have heard non human noises around my property for years and it wasn't until I installed an infrared motion detector that I actually saw a small grey alien next to my bed. We are indeed not alone.
Thanks for sharing,

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