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A Bad Encounter With A Psychic


Due to my practice in Crystal Healing, I have seen many Psychics and Mediums in my life. Starting from the ones that are questionable until the ones that are genuinely powerful. The Psychic that I was visiting last week was a Powerful Psychic that I have seen on action a few times. He is both a Psychic and a Medium. On every special occasion, he would go Into trance and deliver messages from various spirits, he would converse and even teaches some crafts to some people in need to dispel a near future calamity. His story was that he was indebted to a certain spirit in a past time, that now during the present time, he must repay that debt by being a medium for some spirits to help human beings or to spread their cult.

A Bad Encounter With A Psychic

So last week, was one of this special occasions. My pregnant sister informed me that this Psychic Medium will trance a Big Shot Goddess: Avalokitesvhara (or Bodhisattva Avalokitesvhara, to say it correctly). The exact time of the trance can not be predicted, so we went early at 8 pm to ensure that we won't miss anything.

Now I always wear my usual protective gemstones wherever I go: Amethyst beads bracelet and Lapis Lazuli Ring. Only that last week I was also wearing a small pouch necklace containing a Rose Quartz Sphere (size of an Australian 50cents).

I was excited as I thought It was going to be my first time seeing someone trance a Goddess, only that it turned out to be a disappointment.

There was no trance. The Goddess was not "visiting". There was no Show-time. But that was not the reason why I was unhappy.

As I arrive, I immediately noticed that the psychic medium was in the middle of giving an advice to a man to grow his mustache, saying that It would give him more charisma when having to do public speeches. That sounded logical. But what isn't logical to me is that right after that moment, that Psychic Medium asked for me to approach him, only to tell me that my pouch necklace makes me look like an Idiot. He told me exactly this in front of EVERYBODY: "It's okay if you wear it just for the sake of your fantasy. But it's best if you wear it just for fun. Wearing this makes people think you're an Idiot".

I was frozen in shock and humiliation. I tried to tell myself not to feel offended or to think too much about it, but 10 minutes afterwards, the Psychic Medium COMMANDED me to put my pouch necklace away. "I don't like it, take it off, keep it out of my sight". Is what he exactly told me. Was it the stone inside it? Or was it the pouch? He did not say anything about my other stones that I was also wearing.

I was Frustrated. And offended! My feelings were very mixed and messed up. I was unsure whether I was angry or embarrassed. I did not even remember to ask him why anymore. And what's worse was BECAUSE he is a Powerful Psychic, and I am not. I do not possess clairvoyance or clairsentience, therefore I cannot understand why is it exactly that he told me to take off my necklace. I was doubting myself a lot during my way back home, but my intuition keeps telling me that there was nothing wrong with my pouch necklace at all or the Rose Quartz Sphere Crystal inside it. There was some Chinese written on the pouch but after I checked, the Chinese Calligraphy means Peace and Prosperity. What is wrong with that?

It has been one week since that incident and I'm still really wondering here if there could possibly be any entity (-ies) inhabiting my Crystal. Due to experience, I am able to tell if a gemstones needs purifying and if it is still okay to be worn/ use. But that is all, I cannot see entities. I regularly cleanse my crystals and I still did not sense dull-ness or negative vibes coming out of my rose quartz. It also doesn't feel 'drained' up until now. Was there a hidden meaning behind what the psychic medium said to me? I have no idea how clairvoyance works, but for those who do possess the gift, I would be more than happy to send photos or even video of my rose quartz, just to confirm. I would really appreciate the help.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-12)
Hi Demey! I plain don't like the psychic. He just doesn't sound right. From the moment you talked of him, I have felt a strong dislike. I don't think he's a good one, I think, he's doing something wrong. I'm just feeling like that.
Umm, you use shielding technique? How are things going nowadays?
Martin (129 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-11-01)
Note: some new photos provided by the author have been published 📷
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-09)
In this area we meet gifted people who are just human.

It is important to remember that some people are not
Called or trained to work with crystals.

Some may find them only beneficial if people believe or find them they have no power.

If we look at history Nostradamus used a black Obsidian cauldron to read the future. Mayans used a black mirror which is still used by the Toltec lineage like Sergio Magana in Mexico. Vikings used a stone and the stars to navigate their boats. Ruby used by Medieval Britain seerers. Technology uses Ruby/diamonds and a few crystals for Lasers and other technology we use.

For myself I have used my hands for channelling energy.
Once I used Malachite to break Kidney stones on 2 occasions.

Another time I used a volcanic rock and magnasite to
Relieve arthritis. The feed back it worked for these people who did not believe in crystal therapy. Go figure.

Judy Hall the Author of The Crystal bible has received
Information as to their healing properties being a medium and through friends who Trance channell info.
You can see this when you sit at her class at CPS in South Kensington.
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-05)
Good evening Demey!
I will repeat to you what I have told many before.
There is only one Power and that is the Power of the Great White Spirit Whom we call God. This is free and can be used by anyone. For good or for evil.
Spiritual gifts like the gift of clairvoyance or mediumship is received from God free of charge and should not be used to make money with. I am 81 years old and have, in my lifetime come across many psychics. The true psychic will never charge you a cent. You will get those who are poor and will accept a donation if offered.
However, you will get psychics who are really "good" and will charge accordingly. That to my mind is the misuse of Gods Power. It is for enrichment.
You will know where your psychic fits in.
Stones and trinkets do not have a power of their own. They only have the power that you give them. In other words, if you truly believe that they will protect you, then you will receive protection. If you believe that they are harmful they will be harmful. (This applies to your psychic). It is your belief that counts, not the object. In both cases the Power of the Great White Spirit is used.
I have written many blogs which can be read at: If you are meant to read them, you will.
God bless.
Demey (1 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-05)
Hi PathR,

Thank you for replying. I'm not sure how I should explain this.
I am serious, and certain with my spiritual path, including my practice in Crystal healing, although I should admit that I still have much to learn.

When the psychic medium confidently assumed that I wear gemstones for fantasy, I felt insulted. And I am not even sure why he would say the word 'fantasy'.
To me, It was as if he was telling me that gemstones have no Therapeutic / Magickal properties that could affect people or environment.

I also forgot to mention in my story that this Psychic Medium once adviced my brother in law to wear a jade pendant, and explained that it's cooling properties could decrease hot headed-ness, therefore it is suitable for people who are temperamental. So I just don't understand why he was being such an arse (pardon me) when he sees me wearing my pouch that has a gemstone inside it. Plus, the size of the pouch was small, it was no bigger than a 50cent coin.

I wasn't wearing a gypsy Crystal ball as a necklace. Now that would look... Unusual.
But I do agree with you. Perhaps I was too busy and ended up frustrated trying to perceive the meaning behind words since he is a Psychic&Medium and I forgot the fact that he's also just a human being with different ego and... Tendency to be a fashion police.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-04)
It may be you experienced a reality check:
Psychics/mediums/Trance mediums are just human.

I think we can place too much emphasizes that a vessel is perfect.
Human beings which are gifted can have a big Ego
And enjoy being unkind.

So what if your bag was visible. If it made you
Happy and peaceful. No crime in that. Lots of males and females wear all kinds of heavy jewelry.

If you had that residual feeling of not being
Centered and feel a wound. Like not being yourself. I encourage you to practice grounding. Words can do that and wound the heart
Because it was open. It takes about 7-10days to feel
Normal. Grounding work will close/heal a heart.

My encourage is ask yourself?
Are you serious 100% about your Spiritual path.
Possibly you can turn this around and aspire to be
The Powerful medium channel.

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