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Did I Allow Something Bad To Latch On?


My psychic abilities have only really recently begun to grow and become noticeable to me. I've always been very in tune with people's vibes and that probably has something to do with me being very empathetic. I'm not going to go into detail on how I managed to unlock my talents because that's a story for another time. So it started out by me hearing voices in my head. At first I felt as if I might be schizophrenic, but upon doing extensive research and trusting my gut feeling I was able to rule that out. The voices don't tell me to do anything bad and they are actually quite difficult for me to understand most of the time. Its sort of like a radio playing underwater, very muffled and hard to hear until it's as if I tune into the right frequency and can understand them. It takes a lot of concentration and for there to be not much background noise around me. Also, it's not an all the time thing, just normally at night when all is calm in my house and I have a chance to reflect on the day and just peacefully think.

My first time hearing voices was actually rather odd, as I was so mystified by it I didn't talk back, just listened. The second time, it was around 3am and I couldn't sleep. I went into the bathroom and decided to sit up on the counter and tweeze my eyebrows. The song Angel by Sarah McLachlan came on and I was humming along when I heard what I could have sworn was "that's a good one." I whipped my head around thinking maybe my fiancé woke up and came into the bathroom without me hearing him, but no one was behind me. I sat there for a second, dumbfounded before hearing a very muffled voice that sounded like it was coming from behind my right side, but it was in my head. It's kind of hard to explain, like when I hear the voices, it's as if I can tell where they are coming from in the room compared to me, but I hear them in my head.

I sat there for a minute focusing on the muffled voice in my head and the longer I focused, the clearer it became. He kept repeating "Can you hear me?" It was a surreal moment and when he was clear enough for me to fully understand, that's when we had a conversation. Turns out, he is my guardian angel. But it goes like that for any new voice I hear, I have to focus and tune into what they are saying before I am able to understand and talk back with them. And like I said, I can tell where in the room the voice is coming from, but it's in my head. So this has been going on for a while now, until the other night. I was lying in bed with my fiancé who was fast asleep and as per usual I was unable to go to sleep. I layed there, mind wandering, not really thinking of anything specific. Suddenly, I hear a very high pitched muffled sound in my head and went through the whole process of tuning in and talked to a lady who I've seen in my dream and had felt her presence in my house for a while now. I had dreamt a while back that I was walking into my bathroom, getting ready to go out somewhere, when I see a shadow of a lady on the wall, but no one else was in there. I made a startled noise and she turned around quickly, gasped, and disappeared. I think I startled her by being able to see her. She's very kind and reassuring and I enjoyed talking to her.

There were two other guys who were there as well. One, he's also nice, he's just harder to understand. He apologized for the back pains I've been having since we moved here, he said that was from him. He couldn't help it, he didn't expect me to be sensitive enough to feel them. I told him it was quite alright, that I'm tough and don't mind another reason to help me to remember to stretch. I tried talking to the lady again but she seemed to have disappeared. I got a weird feeling and tried to talk to the guy again and he was very muffled out again. Suddenly, I hear a very deep voice and got a super heavy feeling over the whole room and I told him he had no business here and that no one wanted to talk to him. I quickly tuned out of whatever frequency or however it works and sat up in the bed. I started to pray and imagined myself as well as my dog and fiancé surrounded in white light and prayed for protections for all of us. I got myself settled down and laid back and tried to get some sleep. My eyes were closed, yet my mind still raced.

Then, something odd happened. My eyes were completely closed, but it's like I could sense where things were in my room. It was almost as if I could see it on the back of my eyelids, the white door that leads out to the living room. The other white door that leads out into the patio. My dresser right by the door. Everything. And that's when I saw a silhouette of a man halfway in the floor, standing right beside my bed. The middle of his chest was level with the bed, I could mainly just see his shoulders and his head. He leaned over me and rested his head on my chest, then picked himself back up. He did this a couple times and the whole time I'm screaming in my head for him to go away because it freaked me out and I didn't like it. The last time he did it, he leaned his head down a little further than the previous times and it started to look like he was being absorbed into my body. I opened my eyes and screamed very hard at him in my head to get back, and when I opened my eyes I could still see him...

I've never been able to see them before, only talk to them. It totally freaked me out. I yelled at him to go and stay away from me. He backed up to the patio doors, and it's like every time I would stop yelling for a second he would inch closer again. Finally, when I was beyond it, I screamed one last time then flung myself around and yanked the covers over my head and started singing Hakuna Matata from the lion king because it was literally the first song to come to my head. After a couple of minutes I woke my fiancé up and made him go turn the lights on and explained what happened. He's known about the voices and he has had a similar awakening around the time I did. He's more of a visual type though (I'm not sure what the names are) and what I told him really freaked him out.

He told me he doesn't want me talking to any of the voices anymore just in case I invite something bad in like I feel like I did the other night. I told him I understood and he held me close all night and stayed up cuddling me so that I could get some sleep. I finally fell asleep around 5 the next morning and God bless that sweet man was still awake protecting me when I woke up. Our days went on as usual and the next night I was extremely tired so falling asleep was no problem.

I did, however, have a dream that I was being haunted. All of my family was at our house and my sister in law told me there was something heavy about me, and right as she said it it's like the whole house changed. Everything got darker and super heavy, and no matter where I went it followed me. Did I actually invite something in? If so, how do I get rid of it? I've never once had a dream where I was in my own house until we moved here and it's happened twice now. Once, I dreamed of the woman I talked to that I mentioned earlier and now this. Every other dream I've ever had that I can remember has been some completely random crazy adventure filled with all kinds of make believe stuff. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm also interested in learning how to better control my abilities and ways to protect myself and my family while I do it.

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CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-30)
Hey Sunny,

How are you? How is everything going? Do you still see that thing? Has everything returned to normal?
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-24)
Hey, building on power is just absorbing good vibrations. Being in places that provide you with feeling of peace or being with people that make you feel good or just being around happy, cheerful people should do that. Meditation is good too. You just need to learn to focus I guess. I guess, you could use meditation music to stop from getting distracted. Maybe you can focus on the beats/rhythm of the music. When you get in the zone, you can then imagine white energy or good energy, slowly getting into you or mingling with yours. Don't let anything else get into you. I guess that should do. Maybe you can do it with your partner? Might help him too.
AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-24)
Hi again CrazyCat,

That's just the thing, I'm so new to this I'm not really sure how to "build up power" as you say. I'm aware of how to raise my vibrations and I've recently learned how to ground myself. Do I do it through meditation? And if so, do you have any tips on how to start getting into meditation? I always seem to get distracted when I try. God bless ❤
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-23)
Maybe don't enter the state just yet. These things are tricky. Maybe build up on power or good energy and when you feel fully prepared then confront it? Also, you will probably be sensing it in some other way, just not in your usual way.
AuntSunny (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-23)
Hey CrazyCat, I am well.
I'm not sure if it's still around me, I'm still very new to all of this so in order for me to sense it I would have to focus very hard to see. However, like I said in the original post my fiancé thinks it's a bad idea to let myself go to that altered state of mind to talk/sense beings just in case I do let something bad in and I haven't done it since then. I've had a sneaking suspicion though that it is in fact still around because I have been very easily upset here lately and it seems to come out of nowhere. I've been doing research and found out that the entities around us can have a very big effect on our moods and behaviors and it just makes me wonder. I'm not going to lie, it did scare the daylights outta me when it happened but I feel like now that I've had time to reflect and gain some knowledge on how to protect myself better I would definitely stand a better chance. What do you think? Should I allow myself to get into that state of mind or could I just do what you suggested without being able to sense it? Thanks for responding by the way, peace be with you ❤
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-20)
Are you still feeling it? If you are, don't allow it to enter you. No matter what, if you feel like screaming, scream. If that is what it takes do that. But, try to keep it far away. Don't show fear. Show it that you can fight it. Imagine your shield, expand it and every time it tries to approach you, imagine the shield burning it. Attack it with the white light. It will stop it. It is trying to get you, through intimidation. So, don't be intimidated. I hope you are doing fine. God bless you.

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