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I Get Weird Feelings And Then Something Bad Happens


Several years ago I had a terrible feeling that someone was going to die. Roughly around 2014/15. It was a very distinct feeling, as if I knew for a fact that some sort of tragedy/ death would occur. I thought it was going to be my grandfathers late wife due to the fact that she was very ill at the time, but the next day my beat friend's grandmother had a heart attack and died the next day. I texted her when I got the feeling but she thought it was a joke. Today, I was washing my face and I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror above my sink and saw the reflection of my phone and I got déjà Vu followed by a terrible feeling, as if this already happened and I knew what was to come next is bad. I think that the fact that I got the feeling when I looked into a mirror was significant, mirrors have always been subject to superstition and such. Anyways, my friend, who's texts I saw in the reflection of my phone, her uncle has a week to live. Another good friend of mines grandmother is getting surgery tomorrow because they found a massive tumor in her heart. My friend's grandmother has access to the best doctors in New York, but I'm scared that something bad is going to happen to either my friends uncle or my other friends grandmother. I don't know if this is real or not, is it possible to get a feeling like that? I was never one to believe in something like this but here I am... Haha. Am I crazy? Can someone please explain this to me, it's so weird, and frankly it makes me feel crazy.

Thank you,


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maaktwo (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-31)
AeonGirl you say you believe in Jesus. You're in a similar situation a friend of mine is in. For whatever reason he is like a battleground for spiritual forces. He also believes in Jesus but he didn't several years ago and his life was a living hell with spirits tormenting him all night long.
The things you don't like are fighting for you. All you have to do is focus on Jesus. Fill your life with thoughts of him instead of the confusing thoughts from the other forces. Forget about them. Don't be lured to them. They can make themselves very appealing. Jesus once told me, "Focus on me." Just a simple phrase. This was during the time my friend was having all kinds of crazy things happening to him and I was getting very interested in this. He is much better now. You can also be much better!
Lyro (468 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-21)
First off towards AeonGirl, you really should publish your own story instead of tacking a long story on someone else's post. However, I would like to first say calm down. You don't need alcohol, pills, or anything of the sort. You're open to feeling more, and that's not a bad thing. The first step is realizing there's more to this world than what people see as "normal". Distance doesn't matter, time doesn't matter, even people don't matter. We can feel things others wouldn't believe, so trying to talk to people can get complicated too. Take things in baby steps or you'll end up overloading yourself which is what it seems like talking about exhaustion and anxiety. If you want to send me an e-mail we can have a better conversation, I won't feed you any new age religious bs, just my own experiences and I won't promise to have all the answers you may seek, but maybe I can help out a little. Also I'll give you an answer a good friend of mine gave me as far as losing hope in humanity. I felt the same way that you do, was humanity worth saving? He told me yes, the reason is that humanity can change. Even with all the bad it still has the ability to change for good. So we can't lose faith in humanity just for the way it is since it can change and evolve. Yes it takes work, but it's not impossible. Also just in case you ever thought of suicide, or things of that nature, another friend of mine told me before. If I wanted to, he can't stop me, but I needed to have a good reason. Without a good reason, there would be no point and may as well stay. Not liking life or wanting to be here isn't a good enough reason not to be here. So just in case, it's something to think about.

James, I believe you're thinking of it wrong. It's not the mirror, or phone, or anything of the sort. Go out to a quiet lake, no motion, water still, and throw a rock as far as you possibly can into the middle of the lake. What happens? You disturb the calm water and cause ripples, even after the first wave you'll see ripples across the whole lake. That's what you're feeling. Time isn't as straightforward as you'd think. You're feeling the emotions from people who are close to you. Since they are so close to you, you feel the power of their sadness, that ripple from the future event that essentially has already, and is already happening. So it's not something that will come, it's a moment in time that is still taking place. Once you deal with time it starts getting complicated, I know, I'm sorry. However the ripple is the best way I can explain it. The more powerful the emotion that is to come, the bigger the wave it'll make, and the easier it'll be to feel. You feel the ones that are close to you because those are the ones you have the most connection with. You can feel others as well, and if it's a big event, an example was one night I could feel something was wrong, and the next morning I found that bomb which went off in the race in... Boston I think it was? You have to remember that actions can have many effects on people. If someone dies you have their family, relatives, friends, neighbors, anyone that knows them and can feel hurt from their passing will still have that emotion, and that's just with one person, the more people, the more people affected, and the more an impact it will make. Now this doesn't just happen with negative emotions, but those are the easiest to feel, not the strongest, but the easiest. I'm known as an empath, I can feel others emotions, and I had a friend who lives thousands of miles away, but I could feel what she felt. This can evolve, but the first thing is typically feeling their emotions. Hope some of what I said helps.
AeonGirl (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-11)
Please honor these things and do not let them be taken from me. I've come here for a merciful answer.
AeonGirl (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-12-11)
Hello. I'm AeonGirl. I have dreamt of people close to me dying and then they die. I've had a lot of bad feelings like a flash of a memory, like a daydream or in night dreams (where they're much more accurate) and I call everyone. I've seen an ex I broke up with, trying to cast a spell on me and texted him what came exactly from my mind: "The evil eye is now focused on you," then my colorful vocabulary came pouring out, astonished someone would do that to me. I scared him and he was even more drawn to me. I've gotten to visit old France, where my grandmother lived, with a perfect view of her home, with the old, dark tree and the flowers in her garden. The fragrant breeze of flowers let me know she was showing me those things after death. My dad called me in a dream to tell me that he was okay. He called me again in another dream when my brother died and said they were together in Balgo Na, then was in a beautiful forest - his favorite place to be. In the stream, I stood then was sitting but nothing was cold or hot, just beautiful. My mother was killed after my brother and a month before this exploratory day surgery she was to have in December, I told her not to have it because I'd dreamt of her death and woke up, sobbing with grief. I watched her die slowly after being hacked up by doctors for no good reason, suffocating and staring at me, shedding one tear. She was fully aware this entire time but unable to speak for a month, in a total nightmare and I only got to hear her voice once after they let her bleed internally, for over twelve hours. It was horrible. It was totally for nothing. She told us not to fight over anything of hers and not to pursue a suit for money. We honored that. It took her over a year to finally visit me without being lost. She came to me in a dream once, but was very lost and "drunk," or "drugged," as she'd been much before her death and was with bad forces. Finally, I got to visit her in her beautiful place and she was herself and happy, in a small apartment where she could cook, sleep and just be safe and comfortable. I understand none oth this. I saw my warrior (former Army Sargent) brother, fighting beings at the gates of hell, which were bending forward, but not opening, though these things would occasionally escape and as our protector in life of a house full of females, he showed me these things but told me that I had to leave and that it wasn't safe. It was nothing but gray, foggy and dank and he was carrying a reaper weapon but was fighting against evil, slaying these things. When he was alive, I saw him once in a daydream in Afghanistan, war-worn and covered in dirt, where a flap of canvas was flapping in the wind as he surveyed the distance. I've seen ghosts, darker things, was haunted by a man who had committed suicide and I know things people never have to explain to me. At five, I saw four angels over me, in my room, all pointing up as the last, was pointing to me. I remember the day I was born, have dreamt of memories my family members have had or them showing me these precious times and grasp love between others as if I was the one in the relationship. I can't be lied to and it hurts me deeply. I have astral projected several times and had a series of war dreams, where Russia bombs, then invaded the U.S. Anyone else get this much info? My anxiety is bad. I broke away from a narcissist who took severe advantage of me after all this death and am building myself back up. He slept with his adopted daughter and kept her away for a long time and told me SHE was sick but found out too much otherwise, when she came back. I believe in God, in Jesus because of the things I have actually seen and just want someone to tell me this happens to them and how to cope or get better at it? Not interested in new age religion bs. There's one God I follow. I've been "seen" by people who call themselves witches and asked me to help them to become powerful as they claimed to see something in me and I declined. Although I've self-medicated much in alcoholic stages and with medicine I was prescribed, but these things have never left me. Someone, somewhere, please tell me how you do it and not become so exhausted and in constant fear, knowing the stark reality and darkness in most people that surround us. I'm generally disliked but very open and friendly and genuine. People either get overly drawn to me almost creepily or they hate me without cause. I don't trust anyone. HOW does one live this way (almost breaking) without losing all hope in humanity?
Thank you sincerely for your time.

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