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Feel Things Before It Happens


I'm on here looking to see if anyone else knows what I'm talking about because I feel flipping crazy... I've been able to forsee things, feel things before it happens. For example... I had a bad feeling in 2017 when I was driving to school something told me not to drive home. So I called my brothers wife and had her come get my car and got a ride home from a friend. When I got home I told everyone in my family not to get into a car. I looked at my guy bestfriend and said you'll believe me after today that I'm not crazy when I say I know when things are going to happen... About 30 minutes later my mom gets in our van and leaves... 3 minutes later I looked at my friend and said something happened... My mom came running up the stairs saying someone drove onto her said and she drove off the road... I can also feel things for example I could feel that someone was going on between my boyfriend and I I kept asking him what was wrong why something was weird. It was like I know before he did... 3 days later I had a dream he was going to tell me he needed a brake and that he was having a rough time... After that It was like something clicked that's not the only time I've experienced that. It sometimes happens at weird times... Like I was at the airport seeing my friend off to basic training and in the middle of us talk I randomly said (my phone) he looked at me and I was like "I don't know why I said that" later on that day my phone crashed. Last night I had a dream that something ripped off my fake fingernail and when I took my dog out I looked at my hands and it was broke exactly how it was in my dream... This stuff also happens to my sister and my mom and my gram... Please tell me I'm not crazy!

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Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-20)
Nice way to put it lilylove, don't doubt your gut feelings, listen to yourself and you won't be steered wrong. I like the idea of keeping a dream journal as well. I feel like abilities such as these seem to be passed down through the female side of a family more easily. Think of all the stories on this site alone, most all of them that talk about family or genetics are about their mothers, or grandmothers and such. I think if one is more awakened, it gets passed down easier. I used to do similar things all the time though, such as messaging a friend of mine the moment they came online and were about to message me. Just the one thing I try to stress to anyone posting stories like this is you're not crazy and you're not alone. Just look around at all the other stories, people having similar experiences, it would be very hard to explain a mass craziness like that:)
~ Lyro
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-10)
Hi! This reminds me of me from a long time ago. I haven't been on in a long time and your story is the first one I read. You are not crazy. You are intuitive. You pick up things before they happen whether its through random thoughts, dreams, and other signs. Some people call it a 6th sense, premonition, precognition and a few other names. I just call it intuition. Its pretty much the same. I used to dream a lot so I used to keep a notebook and I would write down my dreams. Later on when my dreams would happen I used to double check what I wrote to see how close it was to the actual dream. When ever you get a strong feeling or dream take note of it. Don't doubt yourself. It may be really important. Good luck!

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