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I Snudged My House And Feel Worse Ect... Long Story


uh where to begin. Maybe I should mention how I have always been drawn to "witchcraft, Wiccan, spells, whatever you want to call it, really none of those labels sit 100% right with me. I've always felt like I don't fit in with any specific religion although I am very spiritual! From a child a witchcraft book found me at an early age walking to elementary school and ever since I've been involved with it well then in middle school my best friend and I started practicing things that wasn't necessarily considered "white magic" and to be honest we really didn't know any better and didn't know what we were capable of and wasn't taught right we just did anything and everything (even trying to invoke the horned God spirit and at which point I never practiced again after seeing certain things happened) also it's important to mention about my family life was really bad we were poor and my parents suffered with addictions and physical fighting all the time, I had horrible anxiety and still do ect... Finally my granny got custody of me which was great I loved her so much only to lose her when I was 16 she past away three months later I got pregnant by a 21 year old which was a bad situation and failed in two years anyways I later suffered from addiction and got rehab and help and have remained clean and sober and things started getting better also my dreams have always been really lucid I've had out of body experience, sleep paraylasis ect even one dream where I performed an exorcism on my self and I was able to eject this demon but it escaped before I could send it back to hell. Time went on things really getting better but in order to better understand myself and figure out who I am I am learning about energies, tarot cards, stones, praying and mediation and white candle magic for protection (which was the first thing I noticed a bad energy afterwards more like a bad luck or negativily affected me and my family. So then I felt like I needed to cleanse myself and my home with sage and this is the 2nd thing I have done and feel way worse after! Like I've been negatively affected mentaly and physically and I just don't understand and can't believe it! I really need some help I need and want to learn and understand and protect my family but everything is backfiring on me. I hope someone can understand what I am trying to say and can just help me in some way! Thanks for listening!

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)

I have got to jump on here and put my 2 cents in. I don't want to hurt peoples feelings or get a war going or get kicked off of this site. I am compelled to state some things and I hope people will take me seriously and have an open mind.

The past is the past and we don't need to dwell on it. Shorte1235 you have admitted to everything you have experienced and are looking for help. So what I am going to talk about is not directed at you but for others to read and ponder with an open mind I hope.

I am one of those people in a constant battle with trying to deal with the fallout of what people knowingly or unknowingly cause. They end up hurting themselves, others and Humanity in general on Earth. They open up portals, summon forth energies and entities and create Hell on Earth.

I get frustrated with the situation more so than the people. People either just don't believe or realize this stuff is real and that there is a price to be paid.

Okay here we go. There is no such thing as good magic or white magic. All magic has Demonic backing. White magic is deception brought forth to convince you that it is not harmful and to massage your ego and vanity. Every form of magic or witchcraft has a price tag that must be paid or reconciled. It all has a cost of some kind. Nothing is enjoyed for free except GOD's blessing of GRACE and MERCY. Everything else must exact payment from somewhere.

If we attempt to pierce the veil or protection that The Creator has placed there and contact something we run the risk of attack. When you use a Ouija board or like device you tear a hole in that veil and dark negative energies and entities can pass in and out through that portal. Yes they really work and can cause very bad things. It isn't the board exactly but a combination of the ritual and intent by the people involved. It can't do it without the people part of the equation. Same thing with many devices and rituals. Some will hate me for this but I don't care, it needs to be said. Wicca is a form of witchcraft and mark my words a tax will be levied.

Everything has got to be in balance. When you upset that balance you will pay somehow someway. It might not be that person, but someone they know or love or some part of their life. It always boomerangs back even sometimes years later. The heaviest price to pay is by Satanists. They believe their dark lord will give them favor. It is all a lie and they will pay worse than any other.

Many times when people make contact with a helpful spirit or guide it is all a deception. I am not saying always, but most times it is. There are exceptions to the rule, but not often.

There are many ways to deal with many things, but smudging only helps with minor things. If you are truly dealing with a malevolent energy being or entity it will only get worse. If you are dealing with something truly Evil attacking you your only hope for relief is GOD, Spirit, The Creator or whatever term you wish to use.

You can't fight dark with something darker. You can't bind a Demon with magic, they will laugh at you. They invented magic and influence and deception. You can't use Wicca or enchantment or rituals or ceremonies or blood sacrifices or Vodoo. That is just movie fantasy. Only faith and GOD can re-balance the scale.

If no one believes me, fine. Try it your way and see how bad it can get. Get mad and attack what I say, I don't care. I have been dealing with it for years. I have been attacked by Dark and Evil things and have seen them. GOD protected me from any real harm. I will admit I have been freaked out more than once by being surprised.
How about a 6'5" 350 lb. Guy being tossed several feet like a rag doll with no one near him. I mean picked up off the floor and thrown. Evil is real. Demons are real. The Devil is real.

Guess what Angels are real. Jesus is Real. GOD is real.

Evil cowers before GOD.

So renounce anything Dark or Evil. Cast away from you any form of magic and learn to Pray to GOD. You can still be sensitive and believe in GOD.
robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-12)
Hi Shorte1235,
In deep meditation say to your self, "Every day, in every way I am getting better, better, and better." You may also say, while in deep meditation, "Negative thoughts and negative suggestions have no influence over me at any level of the mind including the outer conscious level." Finally, "I will always maintain a perfectly healthy body and mind." In deep meditation these are extremely powerful; though, there is no "one and done" here. Many repetitions are needed, keep practicing.

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