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Feel A Strong Connection Towards Someone I Haven't Met


My name is Sebastian, this is my last year of high school. My first 3 years of high school were the best worst thing that have ever happened to me, literally no friends and severe social anxiety and very low self-esteem. Year by year I got a little bit better (in relation to my social anxiety and such), this year I had a very sincere talk with a very good friend that I was able to make during this 3 years that made me decide that this year it's going to be my best year, I have no clue why but I'm 100% that that's how is going to be. Throughout all these years I've never had a girlfriend or anything like that, I've had plenty of chances but because of my personal problems I for some reason decide to get away from them, I feel like you guys need to know this because the person towards I feel this connection is a girl. We have class together in only one period, she's beautiful (being sincere not in a creepy way) I generally just watch but in this case I feel like I have seen her before. Like not somewhere else (like deep inside I feel like I know her), I know it sounds weird but I just don't know how to explain it. When I see her I feel calm, I know that when we like someone we usually tend to look a lot at that person repeatedly, and it has happened to me before because I have felt an attraction towards someone else before but with her it's different. When I think about her I feel something different, like a connection. Maybe it's me, I hope she feels the same way. Even if she doesn't it's fine, as long as she's happy I'm happy. I'm 18 and I have no clue how old she is. She might be younger than me. Another impediment. Thanks for reading.

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SturdyUniverse (3 stories) (16 posts)
1 week ago (2019-10-07)

I know, what you feel. The connection is real, you do know her from your past life. I really do not know, what role in this life she will have for you. But it is the beginning of a beautiful yet (it might be) difficult spiritual journey and growth in your life.

You might end up together... Or not... But I wish you many beautiful insights on your path. It is worth it, even when it is painful.

PS! Self-love is the first part, what is needed to be done, because it is important to feel complete and whole without any other person would be involved or being within a mindset, "she will fulfil my empty places." No! You need to fill them first with lots of self-love & self-respect! That way you feel the best and all good, what comes is from within.

Positive affirmations would lead you to be the man you picture yourself to be.

Positive mindset will let you live your life in simpler matter, even when outside is difficult. It is art, what you could or should master!

Hope it helps!

Good luck! 😊

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