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The Day I Met A Psychic


A message to my future self since I am turning twenty on July thirty-first, it will be about a psychic I met and other experiences.

So it started in 2017, we were chasing after some girl, and we started looking for psychics we stumbled upon many that didn't really want to give us answers and wanted money first. But there was one psychic that really wanted to help that saw we were in distress and the decided to answer my questions for free.

We asked the psychic if the girl I was chasing after loved me we expected a yes or no answer instead of that the psychic told us truth about how we really felt and what was in store for us in the future and they were right on point.

We can change the world for the better in a small way or big way, We can overcome any obstacles in the way, and we can live the life we most desire.

Life is going to be tough but we are tougher we are called worrier and the healer of our story for a reason.

Don't forget the people that were there for you most when you needed them, never forget that you want to be like them, and never forget where you were. You felt alone and different from other people we were made to go through pain and strange experiences in order to become stronger.

We have a long way to go and a lot more to learn about spiritual things and whether you want to be a psychic or atheist its okay life will take us where it will take us. Just don't give up and you'll get to where you've always wanted to go I promise. Hopefully good things come to another chapter of overcoming!

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