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I Think I've Already Met My Future Boyfriend 2


I wrote a blog entry before this discussing meeting my potential boyfriend. I was told by a psychic two years ago that I would have a boyfriend my second or third year of college and that he was going to go after me. Then a few months later she was able to tell me his name and that it would be my second year of college. (Let's call him Josh) I was then told it was going to be the beginning of my sophomore year. In September of my sophomore year, I met a guy named Josh and I knew right away (even before he told me his name) that it was him. The vibes were really strong. From then on we kept on running into each other so many times. There were times when I even knew I was going to see him. I would just have thoughts and feelings that made me just "know" that I was going to run into him. There was a lot of chemistry and attraction even just passing by him. There were many times he couldn't even make eye contact with me. I then asked a channeler about it and he said that it was highly probable that he was going to go after me (come forward of liking me) and we would establish an official relationship that would be prosperous. I was the one who ended up asking him out. Things went really well for 6 weeks but we didn't talk about being exclusive or anything. He seemed really into me, being so nice and really caring for me. Maybe deep down I thought it was just lust but I really liked him and thought it was going somewhere. Then literally out of the blue, he backed out of of the last date he asked me on. He said he would rescehdule but then didn't follow through or answer my texts. When I asked if he was still interested, he said it would be best to stay friends. I know people have free will and all but I am super disappointed that this didn't even become official and that he let me down so rudely. For a psychic to tell me that "love" was in my future, I'm very disappointed. Can anyone give me any insight as to what happened and why it didn't work out? I know I didn't do anything wrong, but if this was foreseen to go quite well I just don't know why it didn't work out at all. And if you could boost my morale too that would be great lol. Thanks so much!:)

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-12)
The psychic, may not have been correct on the date of when you meet a boyfriend, or possibly she is not a good psychic.
DaysieTanner (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-01)
The three best possibilities I can think of are:
1. Fear. It is possible that this Josh does infact like you very strongly, so strongly that he may not know how to handle it. Which for most people could make them afraid.

2. The other possibility I could think of would be that when that psychic told you that love was in your furture, maybe they didn't mean love from both sides. A person can love someone with out them loving them back, it's not uncommon.

3. There is also the possibility that you did in fact meet your next boyfriend, but just don't know it yet. This Josh that the psychic told you about could have been a josh from some store (Or other place) that you may have come into contact with. He could even just be another person you've talked to but you never got his name.

I don't really know much about your situation, so I hope that this will help.

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