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Seeing The Future, Reading Mind (?)


I've already written about empathy that I have in the previous article, and now I think it's important to describe my other abilities.

Since I was around 9 I see prophetic dreams. Yes, many times I only remember about my dream when the event I saw in it actually happens. But sometimes I remember dreams before. It hasn't helped me a lot yet. One time I saw a carcrash that my mother and my brother got into. I woke up in the middle of the night, remembering the dream in detail, but decided that it's just a dream and I already forgot about it when I woke up the next morning. My mom and brother got into a carcrash about 2 weeks later. I described them how it happened, and they said it was exactly like this.

Sometimes I can... It's not like reading mind really. I don't even know what reading someone's mind is but I'll try to describe it. When I listen to someone, or even when I read a story someone wrote on the Internet, I... Kind of start seeing things the way this person does. I feel and think the way he or she does. This way I can know what the person I talk to is thinking or feeling at the moment. OR felt in the past - I know the end of someone's WRITTEN story before I finish reading it! OR: sometimes I think of a real situation in the past, and I also read people's mind: I suddenly know what exactly the person I think of was thinking and feeling at the moment in the past. Isn't it weird?

Has someone had similar experiences? Please tell me!

I really don't know what to do with this. I feel like I should work on it... But how?

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ufw57 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-16)
Yea you are a true Empath. Sometimes that journey doesn't suit someone but along the way one must learn be Tough not Rough.

"Take _It_ Easy And _At_ The Present Moment."

An Empaths emotions are like elements, they affect Him/Her without a notice. When you get scared, scary things happen or out of nowhere you see a tragedy you have absolutely no control of that later negativity brings your mood or feelings down.

I would suggest reading and applying the strengths of a Type-Sub-Category of "Introverts'" "Personality" called the = INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling & Judging) into your daily life. It will realy help with your Intuition and Future Judgement.

This one I think tops as one of the best in the category of personalities that Myers Briggs has ever written about. And they are real, this people (INFJ's) live out there as a rare remaining 3% of our Introverted and Extroverted community.

My advise is not to try building those abilities of yours. They could leave you poor in the future when your friends are buying cars or getting married while you are there, still wasting your precious time, trying to figuring out what you & other people will feel when the next Armageddon comes and what to do or how to stop it before it hits our Planet Earth.

You can be the likes of Konstantin, Robert Boyle, Benjamin Franklin, Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison yes I'm not saying you can't, but it will not matter when at this moment we are speaking we already posses & have access to all this New~Generation of wicked high-tech technology all around us to use, with additional new forms of easy cheap* living being re-invented & re-created every year for us...Again...TO USE...not...TO FIGHT OVER THEM!.

I don't think you investing time at future seeing tragic events without knowing how to not see it at the first place will help you.

Not even at home but at work too, and in a working environment their tends to be a lot of many competitions from minor to major factors, which will lead or push you to learn how to manage your time wisely if you really dream of succeeding in your field.

Not only to not be left behind by your COLLEAGUES, but also to prove to your BOSS, FAMILY & FRIENDS that you can maintain an employment or risk loosing everything... And you know this😏

They say if you can't beat them join them.

Try to see if you can walk as an INFJ.

Even as a spare time practical experience.

They are soo COOL.

I swear Nothing will happen to you or your future family when you slightly fit in with those guys (INFJ).

Wether you feel it from the heart or just by coincidence

Or maybe you all both think with the right brains only insted of us who think with the left one😏...

...just don't lie to your self that you are something you clearly know you aren't.

I'm sorry if I sound or sounded rude by the way🙄
Sage120 (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-15)
Wow. I was so shocked when I read the because I have the exact same experiences! Please reply so that I can discuss this.
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-11-20)
Honestly, I always consider this a part of Empathy. Empathy, no one can wear masks, no one can hide their true nature. Talking to someone and feeling like a part of them, you know how they feel, who they really are, so it's not really hard to read someones mind when you're a part of it. So I honestly see Empathy and things like mind reading going hand in hand.
~ Lyro

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