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Deja Vu Every Day. Anyone Else Experiencing This?


It all started on September 5th, of 2018 when I was in college. I am no longer in college (I'm 18) but pretty much what happened was I was high off an edible and I noticed how everything that everyone was saying around me was exactly as I'd seen it once within a dream. I found myself saying "I've seen this before! Wtf!" I'm still having Deja Vu right now as I am typing this. Deja Vu has constantly been occurring for me every day since September 5th, and I don't know when it's going to stop. The Deja Vu usually is stronger when I am high. (For those of you who may be thinking. No I do not only have Deja Vu when I am high so I can't say that it's because of that. I have Deja Vu when I am sober... I'm sober right now and having Deja Vu) I also had a third eye awakening experience in October of 2018 but it's not as if I can see energy... Only feel it. The reason my third eye/empathic abilities opened up is because I became aware of the fact that a negative energy was attached to my aura/spirit and I kind of "shook" it off that's the best way for me to describe it and that's when I discovered I could "read" people... And feel energies. Mind you... I've been spiritual for years but while I was in college I had converted to Christianity for like 3 days. And I felt this "Holy Spirit" (I now feel like religion is just a control mechanism used to make people fearful and control their minds and keep them locked down in the matrix) come over me and fill my body with energy when really it's just a negative spirit that attaches itself to your aura. I noticed how as soon as this energy attached itself to me my thought process instantly changed and I no longer felt like I could think for myself and I felt like the only people I could truly connect with or relate to was Christians (so now I feel as though the reason that people connect or "vibe" with each other is due to the frequency at which they vibrate at. And if you aren't on a similar frequency then you won't really connect) so I now feel a strong aversion to religion and I just feel like we are all connected and the universe is what we are all apart of. I also am an empath/clairsentient/highly sensitive person. I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing Constsnt Deja Vu like me? I just want to know the reason WHY. Like why am I having Deja Vu every day? I've had periods where I feel completely numb to my emotions and other times feeling sad. As of now I just feel clear. And my mind is very clear as well. I really don't know why I've been experiencing this. I realized that this post is scattered but... Hey I'm just writing out my thoughts. If anyone can relate please comment.

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Clairie_3043 (1 stories) (1 posts)
2 months ago (2019-03-28)
I have these experiences all the time! I am an empath as well as having lots of deja vu. I always am in situation when things happens and I got whoa have I dreamt this before? I'm not sure why these things happen to me or anyone else except I think my mother passed it to me because she had the same things happen to her. I realized as an empath that negative things can effect me anyone else as an empath a lot so I take a lot of time to myself when I feel drained or do any relaxing activity like baths, making myself laugh, taking a nap, anything to 'recharge' myself. I think what also helps is just to accept it and I really enjoy when I have these moments. I think it's something really cool about me and I love the experiences so If you aren't afraid and just accept it, it might help. Again not sure why it occurs but hopefully someone else will know, hope this helps! 😊

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