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Ouija Board Use... Then Bad Dream


I know this is not a place for dream interpretation but I am somewhat perplexed by what happened to me last night. I finally opened the Ouija Board I have had for several years without using.

Let me backtrack a little. My beloved husband passed about 2 years ago. I talk to him often because I want to stay in communication with him. Since his passing, I have never really had any 'real' or 'strong' vibes or signs that he is with me, which has been very disappointing. I had always hoped he would at least come to me in a dream. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had strong vibes and a sort of 'knowing' when a spirit is around me. As a young child, I actually had a spirit woman friend I would talk to and play with. Growing older into adulthood, I started having dreams that would actually come true. Usually car accidents. The very first was of my sister dying in a car accident. Within a month she had passed in one. I had a few others that did happen from then on. The last one I had was of my young daughter in a car accident with my mother. After that dream, I fought the dream process tooth and nail and would not let my daughter in the car with my mother. That particular accident did not end up coming true. Thank God!

Back to last night. I have desperately wanted to reach out to my husband to communicate with him. So I decided to try the Ouija board. I lit 3 white candles, added drops of 'Protection Oil' to each candle, laid my rose quartz directly on the board, placed my husband's picture above it and said a Prayer of Protection so that only good spirits could come through. I tried for quite some time to speak to him but nothing happened and I finally gave up. I pushed the board to the side and fell asleep for the night.

During the night I had a dream where my husband actually came into it! I was so happy and excited to see him! He appeared naked and I started crying and ran over and hugged him. When I hugged him, he was wet and slippery. I couldn't figure out why. Then appeared two people I knew in real life that took advantage of my good nature and stole a lot of money from me. In the dream, they seemed to have complete control over my husband and were trying to hurt me by keeping him on their side. As I slept, I could feel and hear myself screaming out and woke in a cold sweat.

Is there anyone else out there that has had terrifying dreams after using a Ouija Board? Why would my husband only come into my dreams after I used the board?

Thank you in advance for any replies!

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Saleire (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-20)
The ouija board is only a's how you use that tool that dictates the experiences you will have. You did everything right, so it is not the board. The thing that stands out in your dream and what you said... Two people (you obviously feel anger toward them) stole your husband away from you... This anger toward these people is just the anger in general you feel inside, which is normal, that your husband was taken away from you. The wet and slippery is just you feeling he is slipping away from you and though you try to hold on to him, it seems you are losing the connection. You are not... He is telling you that you have to let the anger and frustration of losing him...go...and concentrate on the love you felt with him when you are trying to communicate with him. Just sit still, imagine him coming in the door, how loving you feel, how happy and lighthearted you feel... And allow him to come close. The more love you feel, and less frustration, the closer he can come. I hope this's a sad affair, but they never leave you and the energy of love never dies.
Manuela (guest)
5 years ago (2019-02-22)
Hi Rockfish

I am very sorry for your loss. It's understandable that you miss him and why you would want to stay in contact with him.
But, even if you didn't feel his presence that doesn't have to mean something negative, there's a good explanation for everything even when we don't know one (at the moment). It's important what you both had during your lives together. Every time you start feeling low for not getting any concrete message from spirit realm regarding him, remember the together times you've had. Spirit realm is a huge and mysterious realm for people's perspectives, so bigger picture has to be taken into consideration.

This is how your dream sounds to me, but don't take it for granted, only as an opinion.
The 2 persons who stole money from you in waking life could represent in the dream the threat you feel is keeping your husband away from you and not letting him visit you, it's like you feel he's stolen or taken away from you and not being able to see him again makes you anxious. With Ouija Board you invested lot of energy into seeing your husband and this dream came out as a subconscious movie of your fears. So, I wouldn't give a literal meaning to this dream and don't be afraid.
Try relaxing, go to nature, think of good times you had and don't obsess yourself over not feeling his presence or him not contacting you. It's possible that he was there, but when people are in grief then it's possible they block the communication channel and themselves from receiving certain messages.
Whatever is the case, keep in mind the spirit realm=bigger picture and therefore how there's a good explanation for everything. Either way, he's with you. On a path in front of you, there's still a possibility for any kind of sign/message/dream...

Kind regards,

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