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Powerful Bad Force? Why Did My Body Reject It


I've always been a skeptic about "energy" topics. I believe, but then at times I haven't. Until now. My lash tech who does my lash extensions needed me as a model for a new technique she's learning. I went to the lash course with her. During the lash process your eyes are closed, they have to be still. As my lash girl is applying my lashes, I'm feeling calm and at ease. Another girl walks in and tries to show her a technique on me, again, I'm calm. A few minutes later (my eyes are closed I can't see who's touching me) another instructor comes in. She BARELY puts her hands on my forehead and my closed eyes start to rapidly flicker. It was uncrontrollable, everyone noticed. My heart started beating like it was going to come out of my chest. I'm sweating. I sit up and apologize for my eyes not staying still. The lady asks me to lay down again and puts a little weight on my forehead trying to put a lash on me. I'm freaking out. Something feels wrong. Scary wrong. My eyes continue to flicker, I can't stop. So she can't put any lashes on me. She tells me to relax and leaves. (She was an instructor there) I'm in the room, alone. I hear someone come in, my eyes are closed. All I hear is footsteps. Then, I feel someone rubbing my head, I feel better. My heart relaxes. My breathing returns to normal and I feel so drained I fall asleep. I wake up and ask if this is my regular lash girl on me, and it WAS. It was not the other lady. As she removes the tape shutting my eyes, I get up and feel DRAINED. I don't know what it was. I'm dizzy, I'm holding onto something so I don't fall. My lash girl tells me she's never seen such a thing in her life. WHAT WAS THIS? I felt something un-natural. I don't know what was wrong with that lady?! Why did my body reject her? Why did my eyes flicker and make it impossible for her to get even more near me. I'm scared. I'm not sure what I should do. I'm feeling on edge because I've never felt a force so powerful.

Please help!

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MorgaLeFay (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-24)
I can't say for positive, but what you described sounds like a panic/anxiety attack.

The reason for it imho is that the other lash tech woman was either pure evil or more likely had something evil attach to herself. She couldve innocently come in contact with an evil and or negative spirit.

It could be either a spirit that was once human or it could be one that never walked the earth as a human. I have had feelings like you described in two different
graveyards when I was ghost huting in them.

If your eyes weren't tapped closed you would've been moving your eyes around very quickly looking for the thing causing you to feel like you did.
Id try to find that person and get near again to see what your AND her reactions are. Bring your regular lash tech with you though.

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