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A Lot Of Supernatural Experience


first,sorry about my English is bad come form Taiwan

So now I tell my long story

It's hapend from 2013 winter to now

Number order is a time far past to now


1.I can see vision when I Rubbing eyes, I see a team they are touching me or my eye, they seen happy,it's keep about 3 week, final they stand on stair (just like Graduation photo) and they leave

I think They are another Dimension People try to contact us its my guess

2.walking on the street see a woman change her face like new Technology

3.see car license Plate Number or shop name changes


4.OBE but they are two different way

1.Some one pulling me then fly it's really high speed

2.still not act my self

can't choose location

can't see silver Umbilical cord

but can think to do [ex:thinking moving forward then I will forward]

some time I see a lot language I never see before

some time I see a lot Chemical equation or math

but I can't remember all write it down it's in a state of flux

all I only able to know is English world "TRAMISM"

GOOGLED it but don't know what it mean

5.OBE gradually become I go out from my Bed

1.I can't see my body when OBE

2.seen dark angel stand and I lie on bed look each other no talk no action

3.Carrying me in Anubis's arms.

2015 to now

Supernatural experience gradually alleviate but I close eyes can see an eye

With those experience make me have thought I have duty do some thing, but I don't know what can I do. I am lost.

What happen to me? Can some one tell me? Thank all!

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