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I was having a dream of a male and I engaging in sexual relations. I will not go into details but it seemed like I had a complete inability to overcome the temptation and everytime I gave in we were transported to different planets until we arrived back on Earth in a spaceship. I asked him is it finally over and I woke up to male voice saying "we will see" outside of my dream. It terrified me bc I did not recognize the accent and it was loud and woke me up. How is it that I asked a question in my dream and was answered outside of my dream?

I frequently have experiences of sleep paralysis and seeing things. I actually felt someone sit on the bed yet no one was there. I feel as if I am in a mirrored realm.

I have Dreams of meeting extraterrestrials

Being shown all the destruction, chaos, war, climate issues and begging the aliens that humans can change, and symbols.

Dying in a past life then being on a ship being told by a being that it has to be this way.

Sexual experience with someone I named Zaarion, I see hybrid aliens in the behind us in a clear glass

Being given knowledge or wisdom and

Just knowing things

Seeing a ball of light/sphere appear in my front yard or shooting star

Hearing my name being called

I can't sleep with the lights off, feels like beings or spirits are surrounding me

Being touched

Feeling as if someone is in my head or emotions, anger, fighting, and negativity


I hear frequencies often

What is all of this or what gift may I have?

I have many strange experiences and I am wondering if I may have some type of gift that I am not aware of.

Here are some other experiences I have had.

Knowing that the symbols on the ufo meant 13 planets.

Seeing ufos frequently and upon seeing if they can hear me feel as if I watch them respond

I found a small metal like piece in my chin

Lots of extraterrestrial experiences but that's not all

I also have really scary supernatural experiences as mentioned below.

Hearing my name being called

I can't sleep with the lights off bc I'm scared of something I can't explain, like beings are surrounding me

Being touched

Sleep paralysis

Supernatural experiences often

Feeling scared or confused

Feeling something there

Feeling as if someone is in my head or emotions

Things I go through or believe as mentioned below:

Anger or negatively or dwelling in the past that happen randomly

Feeling other people emotions and being kind of empathic, crying If I see someone cry or being able to understand their pain.

Knowing things that happen in Science and history and government that is not open to the public

Desire for a better world and wanting to change the future

Creating a new school with new values and teachings

and focus on spiritual lifestyle, identity, healing, relationship building

Lack of tolerance for bad people and wanting justice

No cultural or racial barriers, fight for everyone in all nation's

Wanting to protect the environment and build eco homes

Being innovative and discussing new ideas or business proposals

Fighting against oppression, war, racism, cultural stigmas and social norms, corruption, and unethical treatment or practices

Wanting to start a non profit

Remembering past lives

Impulsive and obsessive

Emotional instability and control

Struggle existing in this world, feel like I don't fit in

My personality type is enfj. Diplomat or something.

I love reading books, learning, research, discovering truth and knowledge, and learning about self, spirituality, parapsychology and supernatural or extraterrestrial.

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TheSeeker13 (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
Hi, thank you for your response, I greatly appreciate it. The reason my post was so jumbled is because I was writing it while taking care of my 7 month old and rushing. I had also used copy and paste and forgot where I left off so some things are mentioned twice. My apologies. I would like to speak with you further, how can I contact you? My email is cevansbusiness [at]
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
First I'd suggest calming down a bit, this post seemed more like an out-pour of all your thoughts but not very organized. The only real straightforward question I got from this about what you are looking for is basically everything. I'm sorry but no one here can really give you answers on everything. However, I'll try and go through and comment on what I can.

As far as your sexual dream experience with Zaarian, this can be a multitude of things, without more information I can't tell you what exactly it was. It may be astral travel, it could be a dream where someone else is joining you in your dream, or it could just be a dream itself. I can't really say without knowing more about it I'm sorry.

As for all the problems humans cause, we're not the only ones to cause such things. On other planets around us there is evidence of life being there prior to us, Mars is a good example. We see evidence that a whole civilization lived there and ended up wiping out their own atmosphere quite possibly by a nuclear explosion or a war of some kind. In fact we have been visited a lot more by extraterrestrial visitors after experimenting with nuclear weapons. That was a beacon that we could cause ourselves or others harm, and we've been visited a lot due to it. Many stories of UFO's flying over nuclear sites disarming the nukes still inside the hangers, it's like a parent coming to take away dangerous toys.

As far as if we can change, I'm not totally sure, but if the possibility is there that humans can then I have to believe that there is still that chance.

A lot of people, myself included have seen a dream of a past life where we died, I believe I've seen my first life/death.

Of course I'd like to hear more about what kind of knowledge or wisdom you may have been given, but I can't really comment on it. I still believe that dreams that I've had were to tell me something that I needed to know, or to explain things that I needed to work through.

You may see orbs, you mentioned later on in the post about feeling like things are touching you. I have pictures of orbs landing on me when I was younger, they never seemed to like to be anywhere near my mother, but they would come and land on me. I could feel a light cool feeling when they did.

As for hearing your name in your mind, I've heard as if someone was talking to me inside my mind before. I don't have much experience in it, but I was spacing out being yelled at, and I could hear as if someone was talking to me.

Feeling afraid to sleep with the lights off, you may want to work on shielding, try and shield and cleanse the area where you sleep to sleep easier. Perhaps you can pick up some sage, it may help cleanse your room a bit. When I moved from somewhere I lived in the past to my new place it felt clean, no spirits nothing, and then later it didn't feel the same way. Moving somewhere new always seems to feel clean, then it's like they follow me there after a while. Spirits are attracted to psychics because of their energy, so you're probably always going to have things near you, but that isn't always bad. They may be around but they also try and protect you too.

What do you mean by hearing frequencies? I can feel vibrations in different parts of my body, and I've heard ringing before, is this what you mean by hearing frequencies? I don't quite understand what you are trying to refer to, technically everything we hear are frequencies.

There is a group that works with trying to make peaceful contact with UFO's and extend a pleasant experience between them and us, I know someone in person that believes she has a UFO that will respond and move in the sky based on questions she asks for a yes or no response. I mean it's totally possible, I can't confirm that it's true without being there though.

Now being an Empath I do have a fair amount of experience in, and I know how weird it feels not knowing what it's called or what's happening just that it is. You can feel way more than just a persons emotions with Empathy, and that could also explain some other things you mentioned in the post as well.

The end part of your post just sounds like you're fed up with the bs that most of the world follows. As far as knowing information that others don't, that's kind of what happens when you start getting connected to the universe. Being done with stupid people and ideas that don't benefit the world and people around you, wanting things to change for the better, and for the world to be protected instead of destroyed.

You may feel different and as if you don't fit in, but you are different and that's not something you should upset about be happy that you're different. You may not fit into the "norm", but that's because the norm is wrong. You fit into the people who know more about the universe and the things that many other people just don't know about. Most people have the ability to do everything that we can, but don't. Either because they don't want to, or just don't know about it. Most have been cut off, their frequency changed and have become complacent into just existing instead of really living. I can't say that I've never been the same, and even now a good portion of me doesn't want to deal with a lot of things that are in this other world, but I can't deny it exists either. People like you and me have experienced it, so we don't fit into the norm, but we are the real normal.

If you'd like to chat some more about all this, but hopefully in a more organized way, you can hit me up in an e-mail. I don't visit the site often and so I miss responses often. Reading through all of this may have given me a bit of a headache, haha. I'd be interested in hearing more about some of the things you mentioned, maybe you've heard about some of the things that will be coming up in my future as well, you did mention chaos, war, and other dimensions.
~ Lyro

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