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Aliens And 'soulmate'?


This is related to my other post about wanting the guy in my visions. I was up in the morning, around 4. I feel more comfortable sleepint until the afternoon and then going to bed in the early mornings. A few hours before, I tried to drowse for the guy, and I kept going off of the map. It was in the northwest direction from where I was facing. After I'd searched the continents and gotten nowhere, I gave up.

But I felt something outside my window and heard this piercing low vibration. I ignored it and got ready for bed. After I'd turned on my fan and gotten in bed, the fan started making this whining noise, and sounded like it was moving. I rolled over and faced the wall opposite of my window, and saw these flashing lights. My window blinds were closed, and I always keep the blackout lights closed.

Me being the cowardly lion that I am, cowred under the blankets and kept telling them to go away. That I hadn't called from them, just the guy. I was using my clairvoyance to see outside of the covers. These two spirits were yelling in a language I recognized as their version of english. So I put my two cents in, because I knew how it worked.

It went a little something like this:

Set ka rah ah. Kel un.

I looked at the alien and... It was a grey. A tall af one. Like 5 foot 6'. It eventually left after the two 'spirit guides' I'll call them stared comforting me. Then, a reptilian showed up. One of the spirits, a woman who was just indigo-blue energy, got pissed and started yelling at him. Telling him that he wouldn't take me. Eventually he left and I settled down to go to sleep.

This afternoon I smelt something that smelt a lot like the guy in my visions. I urged him to show himself to me. He did. Hus vibrations were too high. I felt calm and safe with him, like how I feel with these two spirit guides. I don't know what to make of this.

Please help.

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-15)
Be careful with these beings. They can abduct you. Take you into a dimension where you at. They will send you astal body projection at night. These are higher beings. I won't mess with this stuff. I get too scared. Sometimes with astral body flight or projection you don't come back.
keyofallsouls (1 stories) (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-07)
Usually if you feel an overwhelming sense of calmness or safeness from a spirit, they are genuine and positive (at least in my experience).

Since those two spirits you believe to be your spirit guides emit that sense of safeness and calmness, I'd say to trust that feeling or work towards trusting that feeling.

As for what to make of your experience, I think you are still exploring your abilities and what you know and don't know. That's really good and completely normal. If you want to make more sense of this particular experience, I recommend exploring more with yourself (as in learn more about you and your abilities, things like that) and asking for help or guidance from those who are positive spirits that give you a sense of calming and safety (and love).

It also doesn't hurt to write down any of your experiences in a journal. That way you can always go back when something "clicks":) (Hope that made sense)

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