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Not Quite Human/ Soulmate?


The person that I normally go to get help is out of reach, so I figured that I'd take a stab in the dark by posting it here. Please don't laugh or say that I'm faking, because I'm not.

I've recently (6/7 months) gotten out of a bad relationship with a man that was blocking my energy. I was told that it could've killed me with how much I put out.

Since then, I've remembered a lot of things; past lives, people that I knew, and in particular a place that was a another planet entirely.

It was my first life, I think. It was a very long time ago, during the first age humans came. (I think this is either the second or third age.) We were, this is as close as I can come to describing it, some sort of angelic/ humanoid sky/alien things. There was a man who I think was my soulmate. I'm unsure. There was my soul sister, who at that time was my real sister. She doesn't know about any of this and I'm kind of scared to tell her. She does know that we seem very close despite never having physically met.

But, on to the man. I've only seen him twice, Although it was only in profile. He was fair haired, like strawberry blonde? And I felt so calm and complete around him. If I could smell his energy, and I had a drowsing crystal and a world map, I could find him, but I don't so I'll describe what happened.

I was watching the movie stardust when I got the weirdest sensation and then I got hit by a vision.

It was me and Dasha (Internet friend's nickname), and the guy. We were in a field. And Everything was glowing, we were always so happy. I know it was my home and I miss it. Any who, I had this thing for watching the humans. I liked watching them do their 'human thing'. So, logically, I 'fell' (that seems to be the only word that makes sense) Down. Both Dasha and the guy panicked. She followed me down, like right after. I think the guy did too, I'm not sure. Please help. I think he might be my other half and I feel lost and alone without him. I just want a piece of my home back.

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